Are we waiting for Tyrus or is it Vinny Del Buffer?

It's the perfect opportunity to fire him.   The Bulls have three days off before their next game on Saturday for Bernie to get in some practices and make his imprint on the team.   So if you're waking up this morning wondering "How does Vinny Del Negro still have a job at this point?" then you aren't alone. I have two possible answers for you depending how cynical you are.

Answer #1:  [for the ever optimistic fan]
They want to give Vinny Del Negro a chance with Tyrus back in the lineup.   He returns Saturday, so they're going to give him a few games there.   This somewhat goes back to the thoughts Berger posted on his blog about Vinny having until mid-January to try to write the ship.  

There is some logic to that rationale.   It's like he's playing poker, but he hasn't gotten a good hand yet, and the only way h wins a hand is to bluff successfully.   You know the odds of this working over the long haul are zero.   You need to get better hands.  You can't bluff forever.

Tyrus will improve the roster quite a bit, because he'll allow us to go to an eight man rotation.  It will save wear on the players and give us more energy at the end of games.   Still, it's probably not reasonable to expect a quantum leap in improvement here.   Tyrus isn't a great offensive player which is where we are really hurting.

Answer #2: [for you cynical fans out there]
Management wants to keep Vinny in there because as long as he's there failing, there is someone to blame outside of management. 

You hear constantly how the Bulls can't play for just half that they need to play for 48 minutes.   The problem is that they aren't that good.  

The half they are playing bad is the half that's more representative of their game right now.   This is a team with no shooting that is built entirely around the long two pointer, the least efficient shot in basketball.  

When your offensive personnel all focus on taking the least efficient shot in basketball, then the outlier is when the offense is good.   Not when it's bad.   Now you can blame coaching for that, saying "Why did they build the offense that way", but once Salmons and Hinrich became inept three point shooters, there was no choice.

You can't attack the basket when there are four defenders inside the paint no matter how many times Stacy and Neil tell you the Bulls are settling for jumpers. 

Talentwise, this team is better than their record.   They may be getting less out of the sum of their parts than any team in the league.    It's natural to blame the coach for that.   Afterall, a coach's job is to get the most out of the sum of the parts.

However, the problem is the parts don't fit well.   It's like trying to hit 21 in black jack in a deck with only face cards.   Sure, face cards are good, but you still need the ace.   The parts simply can't fit together to get the sum they need.   This is a problem with roster construction.

Would a different coach better fit these pieces together?   It's certainly possible.   It can't go a whole lot worse.   However, as long as this coach is in charge there is an excuse other than management to pin the season on.


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  • Good post but how you feel about the cbs sportsline article basically saying that Bernie really isnt liked by the team? That they would look to put Pete Meyers for interim coach instead of Bernie. If what they say about Bernie is true and we are looking at Pete Meyers....Lord help us.

    One thing that I want to put out that I cant stress enough..Salmons and Miller are absolutely destroying the Bulls.

    In the last 5 games out of Deng and Rose,

    Rose has put up 24.2pts 5.8asts shooting 49%
    Deng has put up 23pts 8.8rebs shooting 51%

    which leads to

    Salmons who put up 11.4pts 36%fg
    Miller who put up 3.4pts 27%fg

    Not to mention that Joakim is also shooting 34% in that stretch.

    We are basically playing 2 on 5 now.

    To best explain the Bulls, there is not one single piece that is the problem. There are several little pieces that cause a major mess.

    Its not all on Vinny but he is another piece of the problem. Moving him doesnt solve everything but it does take out a piece of the problem. Getting Tyrus back also takes out a piece of the problem which is relying too much on Miller right now.

    But also I think Vinny's last ditch effort (something he did at the start of the second half) is to start Kirk at SG. This is something I think you suggested earlier in the year.

    I think the eventual starters will be


  • In reply to DASMACKDOWN:

    Absolutely dead on. Salmons and Miller were apparently sent here from Sacto to destroy the 2009-10 Bulls (only after saving the 2008-09 Bulls). Tyrus is definitely going in as a starter over Miller, less sure they'd bring Salmons off the bench. But I'd like to see it at this point, for floor spacing if nothing else.

  • In reply to rorypshea:

    Taj Gibson has been playing better in his 1st year than Tyrus has ever any season. Are folks taking crazy pills? Tyrus is a decent add at this point (considering the circumstances) but I still start Taj Gibson over him. Way better player.

  • In reply to DASMACKDOWN:

    If Bernie or Myers becomes coach how long til we ask VDN to come back :-)

  • In reply to DASMACKDOWN:

    The Bulls need to look outside the organization to bring in a new coach. Reggie Theus, Byron Scott, and possibly Lawrence Frank but I am not sure any of these guys is a long term answer. If they want an interim coach, the logical choice is Stacy King for the remainder of the season. Then he can go back to broadcast duties for next season unless he works really well, in which case they keep him on.

  • In reply to DASMACKDOWN:

    thats what we need...but salmons is sure to not accept his role...and will def opt in because we did that to him..he has our terrible front office in his hands..he's going to be 31 when he opts in and he honestly isnt worried about winning..i remember after the hawks win he said...that shows our character after the question was about us losing so much we win one out of abunch..what he expected to just win sometimes instead of competing for everytime...he is the next larry hughes..wants the ball and the money...doesnt care about much...

  • Doug,

    You forgot the most obvious reason Vinnie has a job today. They're waiting for Christmas Eve. You must not be much of a sentimentalist to forget about that tradition.

  • Answer#3. They have taken a lot of critisism for firing coaches around Christmas eve. They are waiting for the time to pass to a few days after Christmas to fire him so they aren't critisized even further. They are already the national laughing stock right now.

  • In reply to charitystripe:

    Yeah thats my take. Its a PR move. But I believe the mid January thing for sure.

    By mid January, Tyrus would have played 10 games. Since the first few games is considered a wash (trying to get his legs back and conditioning) The first 3-5 arent measured too hard.

    The date to watch for is Jan 14 and its @ Boston

    Tyrus would have had 10 games back from injury and it could be Vinnys last game.

    Its figured to be a big loss and if we do nothing the 10 games previous, look for the new guy to start the 15th against Washington or the 18th against the Warriors.

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