Why the Bulls offense is bad [realgm post]

It's not often that I link to a realgm post, but I found this one to be particularly worthwhile.  It was using data from hoopdata which I hadn't seen before but definitely need to check out further.

The Bulls are the worst shooting 3 point team in the league by
percentage and only 4 teams take fewer 3s per game than the Bulls. No
team takes as many 16-23 foot jumps as the Bulls. In fact, the next
closest team, Minnesota, shoots 3 (!) less per game than the Bulls.
This is even more outrageous when you consider that the Bulls are in
the bottom 8 in the league in pace (averaging 2.5 fewer possessions per
game than league average), so that a huge percentage of their shots per
game are 16-23 foot jump shots. Even more discouraging is that the
Bulls don't even shoot that shot better than average. The average rate
of makes in that range is 38.5% leaguewide, but the Bulls make them at
a rate of just 37.1%.

The Bulls also take the 5th fewest shots
at the rim and are the 3rd worst team at finishing at the rim. They are
13th in shots taken in the under 10 foot range, but they are making 50%
of these shots, good for the 4th highest percentage. They are also 13th
in attempts in the 10-15 foot range, but they are 9th in FG% on shots
in that range.

There's a link describing where the data comes from inside the article as far as more thoughts on the topic.

However, that sums it up really.   The Bulls offense is bad because they take a ton of long two point jumpers.  It's statistically speaking, the worst shot in basketball.  It has the highest degree of difficulty relative to the pay off, and the Bulls are killing the league in attempts at it while also being below average in effectiveness with it.

I doubt the Bulls offense is designed with the hopes of taking tons of long twos, but when you don't have three point shooters, a low post option, and limited slashing ability that's what you're going to get. 

This is really a statistical representation backing up several of my observations with the roster spacing and team construction from earlier.


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  • Here's where the data comes from:


  • Well Luol has always been a guy to take deep 2s and not dare take 3s. Rose seems to be doing the same. I would love for them to take a dribble or a pump fake and get a closer basket, when you get a pass and your open why not dribble and move up?

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Good point
    Maybe Deng should work on his handles in the offseason as that could monumentally help his midrange game that he is so fond of.

  • Thats what you end up with when you have no one who can take his man of the dribble and create for himself or others.

    Until/Unless Rose fully recovers from his achilles injury this will be a problem all year. Salmons seemed to take it the hole a bit last game, hope that he keeps it up. Maybe we need to get Johnson on the floor more, since he seems to have the ability to beat his man and take it to the rim.

    However, the Bulls are winning games with defense, really the only way to win, so I am not complaining. If we still had Gordon we would have scored more points, but given up even more, and our record would be 2-4, not 4-2.

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