Tyrus Thomas not missed [ohrly?]

Call me crazy, but I think this is ridiculous.   [actually call the author crazy]

4. Tyrus Thomas didn't play and he wasn't missed
You get the feeling that the Tyrus Thomas vs. the Bulls case is turning
into a big-time distraction for Vinny Del Negro, Gar Forman and John
Paxson. Here is the recent sequence of events. First, Thomas'
fifth-year option was not picked up by the Bulls before Monday's
deadline. That means he's headed for restricted free agency next
summer. He'll dangle on the hook while the Bulls make a hard play for Dwyane Wade.
If it seems like Wade and his people are willing to play ball, Thomas
will invariably have his rights denounced. It's going to take a
max-contract to pry Wade away from Miami and the Bulls can't hit that
number with Thomas reserving space against the cap. So that started
Thomas' weekend. Then the Bulls lost a tight game at Miami on Sunday.
Thomas had four points in 21 minutes and barely played in the fourth
quarter. Then, on Monday, he became upset when he was called out in a
film session on Monday by Vinny Del Negro for a poor defensive
rotation. That led to a stern talking-to from Bulls veteran leader Lindsey Hunter.
On Tuesday morning, Thomas turned up with flu-like symptoms and was
sent home from the Bulls' shootaround at the Berto Center. He did not
dress for the game against the Bucks, leading to all sorts of
scuttlebutt suggesting that Thomas had a "blue flu." The cherry on the
cake for Thomas was the fact that his presence was really not
necessary. Seriously ... if you watched that game on Tuesday, what
element does Thomas provide that the Bulls were missing?

The Bulls needed to make a huge comeback to close out one of the worst teams in the league while at home.   I think the Bulls missed Tyrus plenty, especially since Taj Gibson was a train wreck for the entire game.   He had passes flying out of his hands, got caught up making offensive fouls, and provided little of anything [including some pretty poor defense] throughout the game.

Not to bang on Gibson, he may improve.   He may show us he's worth playing, but so far this season anything Taj is doing, Tyrus is doing far better.   In a game where no one could throw the ball in the ocean, tell me the Bulls wouldn't have been better on offense with Tyrus drawing a few fouls and getting to the free throw line in that game.   As much of a mediocrity as Tyrus is on offense, he's far better than the alternative.

Btw, there's no such thing as a fifth year option, so the Bulls certainly didn't decline to pick one up.   Also, it looks like it's shown that Tyrus was really sick and that this wasn't a 'blue flu', so you might want to back up the truck on that one. 

I'm not even a big Tyrus fan, but jeez, stop the bus, Tyrus has been in the crosswalk so far, no need to run the dude over just yet.


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  • "I'm not even a big Tyrus fan, but jeez, stop the bus, Tyrus has been in the crosswalk so far, no need to run the dude over just yet."


    (They will wait until the press conference to do that, after the trade-deadline deal has gone through.)

  • I fancy the Wade part though.

  • So do I, but Doug isn't that fond of Wade coming to the Bulls.

  • well derrick rose's ceiling is dwayne wade. it would be weird to have two wades on the team. unless they have a 3 pt shooting big man and a sf in the mold of peja, they wouldnt have anyone to kick it out too.

    Then again. Defenses would concentrate on wade, so rose might be able to get a quite a few shots. it'd be like jordan and pippen. except much smaller.

    the only problem is that wade is injury prone.

  • I just want Tyrus off the team for good, I am willing to go through the growing pains of Taj than watch the bafoon continue to toy with us.

  • While I have never been a fan of the way that any of the Bulls coaches have handled Tyrus, it does as they say take 2 to tango.

    All of these events continue a patern of behavior that we see far too often with immature NBA athletes. Thomas needed to have a trouble free year, yet he has had nothing but incidents since the preseason started, and his play has done nothing to suggest that he is about to or already turned some kind of corner.

    His chances of making it on the Bulls are dwindling by the minute, he probably has less than a month left to get his act together, and it is entirely possable that our Bimbo Vinnie will not give him the chance to prove himself.

    If I were the coach, I would play Tyrus 48 minutes a game(or until he drops) regardless of his performance and see what happens. I am surprised that word hasn't come down from the top to do something like this.

    I say tyrus is gone at or before the trade deadline(boozer or Amare).

  • tell the author there is no such thing as a "fifth year option".

    The Bulls chose not to extend Tyrus - but there is no "option" for the 5th year. The Bulls merely will give him a Qualifying Offer after this season.

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