Tyrus sent home with flu like symptoms

Per KC Johnson:

The Bulls sent Tyrus Thomas home from Tuesday morning's shootaround with flu-like symptoms.

What's more interesting is the backstory mentioned:

The incident comes on the heels of Thomas not playing the
entire fourth quarter of a close loss to the Heat in Miami on Sunday
and one day after the deadline passed for Thomas to receive a contract

The Tribune reported Monday
that Thomas also took exception to Del Negro singling him out for
failing to rotate defensively during a film session. Captain Lindsey
Hunter talked to Thomas in full view of teammates and coaches following
Monday's practice.

The implication here by putting these two things together is that this may be a quasi-disciplinarian issue.  They're not suspending him, but they're finding an excuse for him to go away for the afternoon.

Personally, I think Tyrus has a point about not playing more.  I'm not sure why he's getting such a quick hook in games, because he's playing much more effectively than Gibson so far while Gibson has had nearly similar playing time.

If Tyrus is unable to go (or the coaching staff is unwilling to let him), then my hope is that James Johnson gets the chance to play some meaningful minutes.


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  • I would like to see what James Johnson actually brings to the court, too. The only problem is, he's not a Power Forward.

    I hope this Tyrus Thomas spat doesn't linger.

  • Come on, wake up. Tyrus Thomas is a classic NBA pain in the ass. All he cares about is himself and if things don't go his way he bitches and moans instead of working harder to rectify things.

    I'd say they should dump him but most NBA players are the same way so they'll just bring in another lazy, overpaid complainer.

    This has been reason No. 34 why the NBA sucks.

  • I like Tyrus Thomas, he takes no garbage. Vinny does seem like he's lost a little. No way James Johnson should be on the bench if he was taken 16th. If he sucks early-on in the season then don't play him. JJ hasn't a sequence that can justify that claim. Put the man out there and let him learn. I think JJ is the third best scorer on the team from a instinctive view. The players that reign above him in that catergory is Rose and Salmons, Deng comes in at fourth.

    1. Rose
    2. Salmons
    3. JJ
    4. Deng


    I also disagree with DT that Rose don't set up his teammates. I never seen someone contract the defense like Rose does and give his teammates open shots consistently. Them guys aren't knocking the shots down. Simple. I think he can become better at the lane creations like Rondo, Paul, Calderon and Kidd.

  • Doug 1
    Greenfield 0

    Well said. You cannot compare it to other sports, every single professional sport has its fair share of idiots.

    (see Milton Bradley)

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Doug's good. But I still think I'm right, though I should have focused on NBA players being the most selfish players. No other sport comes close in that regard.

  • In reply to Dmband:


    I get what you are saying, but you cant fault the players for the way the sport is played? Of course, its going to be more rewarding to individual players then say, football or baseaball where one player cant really have the impact like a basketball player can.

    That would be like blaming golfers for being rewarded for individual play.

    I can see your point regarding guys who THINK they are bona fide superstars though...

  • In reply to Dmband:

    That's all I'm talking about. Guys who can get the job done are fine, that's how the NBA works. It's a stars league. But faux stars bring teams down.

  • I wanted Aldridge over TT, and TT's play and behavior since then has reinforced my initial belief that drafting him was a major mistake. Having said this, I believe that TT needs to play major minutes this year to see what value he possibly could have going forward. Clearly, Gibson does not have the talent of TT. TT's athleticism and FA status next year will, IMO, translate into more wins for the Bulls this year.

  • I'm not assuming, but I'll stipulate that I used the wrong word. What I should have focused on was how selfish NBA players are.

    It's the nature of the NBA, which is designed to reward individual play. That's fine, for true stars. But there are so many NBA players who think they're stars when they're not.

    Baseball is selfish in a whole different way. Why does it happen more in the NBA? Who knows. But it's there.

  • Right now, it's a good squad. But in the past few years they've had Jalen Rose, Larry Hughes and Tim Thomas, who stole millions from the Bulls because he wasn't happy to not be on a playoff team.

    The NBA might be more glaring because there's greater opportunity to show off selfishness. One guy on an NFL roster is selfish, it's one of 53. In the NBA it's 1 of 12.

    To me, Thomas comes off as a guy who thinks he's a star but has clearly never shown it. That's the prototype for the NBA player who has blinders on and would rather keep them on than figure out what's best of the team.

  • funny how we all debated/worried about Taj replacing TT before the season started.. I had no idea it would become a problem by the 3rd games of the season (Tyrus plays 21 min to Taj's 18).. and now this. Let's hope it really is just the flu

  • With Tyrus having issues, we just might find out if that is true or not. Granted he's bulky enough to play PF, but really his natural position is SF.

  • Doug,

    But doesn't Rose need to be more selfish, at least on offense?

  • Does anybody want to see the Bulls go after Marcus Camby?

    To Bulls: Marcus Camby and a throw-in (R.Davis, Collins, or Smith)
    To Clippers: Tyrus Thomas and Jerome James

    The Bulls would take back more salary, but not being paying any luxury tax. Camby is a free-agent, but more importantly another solid veteran, who could mentor Noah or Gibson.

    I wouldn't mind that trade at some point this season.

  • "But faux stars bring teams down."

    Marbury. Everytime I think about that guy, I just laugh and get pissed at the same time. Im glad it happened to the Knicks, but seriously...they paid him 20 million dollars to sit on the bench in streets....brutal.

  • I would like to see the Bulls get Camby because they need a third center, but I don't want to trade Tyrus. Hinrich or Deng, yes. Tyrus, NO.

  • In reply to preston:

    It seems to me that Tyrus Thomas and Jerome James are the most expendable right now. Luol Deng does have a heavy contract, so the Bulls may want to dump it.

    The Clippers just demoted Al Thornton (their SF) to the bench, so maybe they would consider Deng in a trade for Camby. It might be worth the call.

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