Tyrus injures arm weight lifting; taken for x-rays

K.C. Johnson reports:

The Bulls said the fourth-year forward injured his left arm Friday
morning during the weightlifting portion of practice. When reporters
were granted access, team officials said Thomas went for X-rays after
practice. Those results aren't yet available.

"Hopefully, everything is fine," coach Vinny Del Negro said. "I'm
not even exactly sure how he got hurt yet. But he tweaked his arm a
little bit and he's pretty sore."

There sure is a lot of smoke going around with Tyrus right now.   Practice blowup, flu, weight lifting injury.   The guy just can't seem to catch a break.



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  • Wow, whats next with T2?

  • Jeez. Something gives me the feeling this season isn't going to go very well for Tyrus and the Bulls.

  • Well if the talented Rookie Taj is starting and getting more minutes,it will defintely be a long season for T2. T2 needs to be more consistant, calm and collective. I still think Thomas is gonna be a great player. He needs better coaching and guidence from the Bulls staff, so we can mold him to our very own: Admire Stoudemire!

  • Doug,

    Forget the smoke.

    Did he run across a BLACK CAT over Halloween or do you smell something FISHY?

  • I just heard 4-6 weeks for Tyrus

  • have exactly do you fracture your arm lifting wieghts...man...something is rotten in Denmark

  • something does not add up, I think he is up to something. I hope not.




    Chicago Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas suffered a fractured radius of his left forearm during a weight training session this morning at practice. X-rays confirmed the injury and he will undergo surgery tomorrow. The surgery will be performed at Rush, by team physicians Dr. Brian Cole and Dr. John Fernandez, and assisted by Dr. Mark Cohen.

    Thomas is expected to be out four to six weeks. In four games (three starts) this season, the Louisiana State product has averaged 8.3 ppg, 5.3 rpg and 1.75 bpg in 21.0 mpg.

    Currently in his fourth year with the Bulls, Thomas has appeared in 229 games (95 starts) and posted averages of 7.7 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 0.9 apg, 1.34 bpg and 0.82 spg in 19.9 mpg.

    I got that from a Bulls official.

  • so eh are we going to jj at the 4? Taj is going to start. Noah SHOULD see some minutes at 4. ofcourse we'll see deng there. With his ability to rebound, i'm perfectly okay with deng playing at the 4. he's not a great post defender, but we can live with that. With so many people capable of playing the 4, will we see jj? does vinny trust him yet?

  • Although this is obviously a freak injury, it is so Tyrus Thomas.
    Did anybody really believe that this season would go smoothly for the Bulls and Thomas. It seems to me that the knuckleheads always end in up with a series of mysterious injuries throughout thier careers.

    I would say that this officially ends his career with the Bulls.

    While I like Taj, I hope that the silver lining of this injury is that Johnson finally gets to play some real minutes.

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