Two quotes that annoyed me today

I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's seasonal affected depression, but I'm suddenly feeling a bit Ben Gordon nostalgia, and these two quotes were comical to me:

First, from KC Johnson:

Rose worked exhaustively on improving his jumper during the offseason
so the fact he's taking more of them isn't surprising. The fact the
Bulls' offense isn't clicking like when Rose played at his peak last
season is.

Next, from Mike McGraw:

But the Pistons are 4-4, just like the Bulls, so
there's no reason to regret letting Gordon leave as a free agent this
early in the season. Gordon's departure left the Bulls with cap room to
spend and that won't be settled until next summer.

Okay, now I'll preface this by saying that every reporter probably lets a few sentences run away from them.  If you quoted me sentence by sentence, you could probably find a few doozies that I'd love to take back.

However, moving beyond that, is it really surprising that our offense isn't clicking like last year?   Really?   We lost our best offensive player in terms of volume and efficiency.  I'd have been absolutely shocked if our offense wasn't significantly worse relative to last year.   Not only was Gordon our best offensive player, his shooting, and ability in pure catch and shoot situations was unique.

Hinrich and Salmons aren't great catch and shoot 3 point shooters.  Particularly Salmons, who has a slow awkward release which works better when he takes his shot in a one on one rather than in catch and shoot situations.  He almost always pauses prior to shooting his shots and doesn't work well when he has to make a quick release. 

So you lost the only guy providing spacing on offense, the guy giving you both volume and efficiency, and you wonder why the offense is worse.  You're surprised?   I might be surprised that it went down to a historically bad level, but I'm not surprised it's considerably worse.

Second, from McGraw, the Pistons are 4-4, so obviously losing Gordon meant nothing?   Really?   Really?   Are you kidding me?   John Salmons has been crap on a stick, Gordon is playing like an all-star.   Swap the two, and the Bulls are one of the top teams in the league right now.

Will this work out in the long run?   History would tell us that Gordon will cool off.   We hope that Salmons will heat up though his history isn't so certain on that topic.   However, if we don't get a superstar in 2010, the Bulls will be considerably worse for letting Gordon go. 

Even if we do, we'll be considerably worse for letting him go rather than moving Hinrich in his place.  Gordon is the type of player who's shooting creates space and help for everyone on the floor.  He gives your superstars room to work.   The Bulls desperately need to replace so many of the things Gordon brings to the table.

There was this groundswell of thought that Gordon was holding Rose back.  Rose is already complaining about the lack of space to drive.  Looks like Gordon was helping to make Rose's life easier rather than stopping him in any way.  Those who were of the opinion that Gordon's ball domination was a big negative factor for Rose look awfully silly at this point.


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  • Yep. I recall when it was learned that Gordon signed with the Pistons that Rose was quoted as saying something to the effect as to how important Gordon was to the team. IMO the major sin was not signing Gordon last summer at 11 or 12 million a year it was 1) failing to lock him up at 6/54 the year before, and 2) putting your chips on Hinrich by not getting rid of him even if it meant taking back expirings. I have called Hinrich in the past an "overpaid mediocrity." You agreed that Kirk was overpaid but balked at calling him a "mediocrity." My Random House dictionary defines "mediocre" as "of only ordinary or moderate quality." Doug, care to reconsider?

  • I was missing BG a lot against Toronto. It always seemed crazy to me how people viewed BG. Yeah his defense isn't great, but it never really killed the Bulls and that was over hyped. He's a better defender than he's given credit for, plus he never takes a play off. Plus he was on the team when they were one of the best in the league at defense. He's the best player the Bull have had since Jordan and they let him go for nothing...shameful.

  • I completely disagree that Hinrich is mediocre. You're clearly not taking into accout his defense...sure Gordon is a better scorer, no doubt. This would make him a better fit on the Bulls than Hinrich, because we need a scorer...however, a backcourt of Rose and Gordon would have given up 50+ points a game on defense...we simply couldnt re-sign him as a bench player for that money.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Hinrich defense? What Billups did to him? Calderon also. Hinrich is good defending 3 rather than 1 and 2. He is good, not excellent. So basically the Bulls are paying 10 mil for a Thabo type of player. Good Defense no offense. And what about the turnovers? I suggest that coaching staff give him Ritaling to him...Looks like ADD

  • In reply to Dmband:

    It is often said the PG position is one of the hardest postions to learn and master in the NBA. If Hinrich is a starting PG, and also in the top half of starting PGs, why couldn't the Bulls even get a decent offer for him? Although I respect your knowledge of the game I think that you are guilty of overvaluing a clearly ordinary player. Just as the Bulls have done. Kirk is a willing defender and has decent handling and passing skills, but he is not a good shooter, not particularly quick, and will often make bad decisions with the ball. Also, didn't some Bulls players a couple of years back complain that Duhon ran the team better than Kirk? Does that help you understand more clearly the definition of "ordinary?"

  • In reply to Dmband:

    so does that first quote mean derricks not hurt, he just likes to shoot jumpers now and fancies hes jason terry good at them?

  • In reply to Dmband:

    So by saying this "But the Pistons are 4-4, just like the Bulls, so there's no reason to regret letting Gordon" is he trying to say that by going to the pistons that Gordon made the Pistons a better team than us and that the pistons having an identical record than us shows tha letting Ben walk was a good move?

  • In reply to Dmband:

    "Perimeter defense isn't anywhere near as useful as interior defense. Replace Gordon with Salmons this year and our defense is going to be about the same, but our offense would move up 10-12 spots in the league."

    I thought we were comparing Hinrich to Gordon...So youre saying that we could have been the same team on defense with a backcourt of Rose and Gordon? Not so sure about that...that is way to small of a backcourt...The idea being to build around Rose, and you cant give Gordon that kind of money to come off the bench, and my point is you had no choice, because you cant have a starting backcourt of Rose and Gordon...IMO.

  • Kirk's by position splits at 82games really back that up. At PG, they have him with a 16.4 PER and an Off/Def Net48 of +18.5. At SG, it's a 7.1 PER and an Off/Def Net48 of -6.9.

    Even allowing for the difficulties inherent in the by position breakdown and the issue of lineups on the court, that's a pretty extreme difference. I'd really hate to lose Kirk's defense in a trade, but I also like Kirk as a player and would love to see him in a better situation where his role fits his strengths.

  • I think if the point production and overall performance of our guards stays the same for most the year then our focus in free agency will be on a SG rather than a forward. Obviously everyone's going to try for LeBron and Wade, which I don't think is that realistic for us, so I can see us going after Joe Johnson as our primary target. Maybe Hinrich and Tyrus are dealt for a PW and if Salmons opts in he'd be the backup guard for a year.

    Ahh, this is going to be an interesting year, exciting one day, frustrating the next, but entertaining nevertheless... :-D

  • I honestly believe that Wade is not only realistic, but its going to happen...

    Dont ask my why, but I strongly believe that come next year Dwayne Wade will be playing for the Chicago Bulls.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I don't know if I can see it the way Miami is playing at the moment. He's comfortable there, will get the biggest contract there and I think the main reason is Riley. I have a feeling he'll pull something out of the bag in free agency himself...

  • In reply to Dmband:

    i'm being a broken record but...
    let's at least see if GS will take hinrich for stephen jackson...
    please!!! we'll have a legit sg this year and for the next couple.

    then we can figure out a way to deal with salmons and the disaster that would result from him opting in next year. cleveland, who wants jackson, will probably get jackson (they are thinking like winners), and would be pissed if we pulled it off, might still unload delonte west (and his .5M buyout next year) for salmons.

    We can't go into next year with Salmons or with Hinrich starting at sg, and the sooner we pull the trigger the better.

    btw, i'm excited about this year too... we just can't be so shortsighted when the writing's on the wall.

  • Doug, you are 110% correct in your assesment of Gordon's capabilties. He was the only Bull that the team should not have let go. Pax got nothing for Gordon. Pax is clueless!

    If Hinrich was as good as you think, he would have been traded for a post up forward. The other GM's
    wanted more than the slow-clock eating-career- inconsisent-streak-shooting Hinrich. Klank off the rim Hinrich is not an NBA starter.

    After circle dribbling the clock down to a couple of seconds Hinrich would pass the ball off to a double teamed Gordon for a last second shot.

    Reality: Hinrich is nothing with out Gordon.

  • Yes Doug, you always did favor Gordon over Hinrich and you also defended the lazy No-Shot Noah who is exceeding all expectations-----so far this year. If he would work harder on the weights, he could improve his strength. Is this guy really in top shape????

    Surprizingly the Bulls with 2-3 exceptions are winning the points in the paint battle.

  • Yes, I am coming around on Noah! Finally in his third year No-Shot Noah was close to being in shape! His big preseason game against poor competition where he had to get electrolytes was a sign that he was not ready, again!!!

    I would not say that Noah is out muscling guys but his quickness is an advantage.

    Noah must lift ALL year long in order to get stronger. Maybe he will but based on his first two years maybe he will take the lazy way out.

    Why would the Bulls coaches and trainers tolerate
    any player not hitting thier marks for conditiioning and weight lifting? Are they as inept as Paxson????????

  • Duhon was the perfect back up and true point guard! Look at his assist to turnover ratio and look at Hinrich's numbers last year and this year.

    Duhon like Gordon is fearless driving to the rim unlike Hinrich who can't beat any one off the dribble, one on one!!

    If the Bulls could have dumped Hinrich's salary maybe Gordon would still be here. No one was dumb enough to take him at 9 million bucks a year!!!!!!!!

    Hinrich is nothing more than a back up, no matter what you say! Yes, Hinrich's circle dribbling make me repeat myself....what is your excuse??????

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