Thomas still sick; not travelling with the team

Per K.C. Johnson:

Del Negro said Thomas is staying home so as not to infect other
players. Del Negro said Thomas arrived at the Berto Center earlier than
the other players on Wednesday to be evaulated by athletic trainer Fred

Team officials said Thomas has a fever, redness in a sore throat and has vomited sporadically.

Looks like any thoughts of this being one of those "sick" days where the illness was an excuse for him to be quasi-suspended are over.   What's interesting though is the tribune, in both articles related to the illness, also felt the need to take shots at him in topics unrelated to the illness.

Perhaps they simply didn't want to fire up two articles on Tyrus Thomas, but it just seems odd to bring up the fact that he argued with Del Negro a few days ago in a note about him not being healthy enough to travel with the team.

In the first article, the discussion was so prominent that it gave life to the idea that the illness was contrived.  

Not sure where to go with that, I hope Tyrus gets better, and I hope Vinny plays him more.  Taj Gibson is the new Chris Duhon.   A guy who can help the team, but is played way more than he should play at the expense of someone who's significantly better than he is.


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  • Woah!! Couldn't agree more there on that comparison with Taj... Yeah, his nice to have, but 10-15mins tops...

  • It seems irresponsible for Vinny not to be playing Tyrus. I'm saying this and I don't like Tyrus, he drives me nuts, but you have to play him. He's better than Taj, like you said, and if the Bulls want any hope of trading him he needs to play and it needs to seem like the Bulls think he is good. Of course that ship has probably sailed, I'm sure the rest of the league knows what the Bulls think of Tyrus and thus why they haven't been able to trade him. Of course he is an expiring so who knows?

  • Blair is looking much better now isnt he lmao. I would take 3 years of a healthy Blair over both Taj and Tyrus right now.

  • I don't see any possible way that NOT playing Thomas helps our team. I think he is the best option at PF we have. Even if management's end game is to trade him (which I hope is not the case) sitting him just decreases his value. Tyrus hasn't had a fair shake since he's been a Bull. He would do well with a strong coach who gave him some support and trust instead of making him a scapegoat. He's had Skiles (when he gave up on the team), Jim Boylan (bleeeecht), and a first year coach who wasn't very good for most of last year. This wouldn't matter to some players, but I think management has blown an opportunity with developing a very talented player. I hope it's not too late....

  • You can at least agree that his second year was a waste. I remember yelling at the TV a bunch an cursing myself for buying the NBA package while watching Drew Gooden play a ton of minutes when it was obviously a developmental season (thanks Boylan). I also believe a lack of a defined role with regards to starting line-ups and minutes last year hurt his progress.

  • Just saw a post from K.C. Johnson of the Trib that Tyrus has boarded a plane to Cleveland and intends on playing. Personally, I am rooting for Tyrus to pull through.

  • Doug - what is the deal with JJ? You're seeing the same thing all fans are seeing with Taj - effort and 'smarts' only goes so far in the NBA. At a certain point you need talent. And Taj is just overmatched in a lot of ways when you compare his talent with the rest of the league.

    It seems Vinny would rather push Deng to play excessive minutes while recovering injury, along with giving meaningful minutes to the increasingly ineffective Taj Gibson, rather than play James Johnson one second.

    With Tyrus out, this is precisely when you should be playing your 16th overall pick, right? How are there not more questions about this? Is it that he doesn't undertand the offense? They play the most simplistic offense in the NBA. I don't understand why Vinnie is so reluctant to just let his players play.

    Apologies if this rant makes no sense. I get so frustrated when I think about Vinnie's use of the rotation, and I can't think straight!

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