Stan Van Gundy points out why the Bulls offense is doomed

[saw this on realgm] From from quite some time ago:

"There's a significant group of people who it just drives them crazy
that the mid-range game is disappearing, despite the fact that all you
have to do is look at all the numbers and know that about the worst
shot your team can get, at least by the league averages, is a mid-range
jump shot."

"The three highest percentage plays in the game by far right now
are free throws, number one, layups, number two, and three-point shots
number three. So why you would try to build a game around lower
percentage plays, I don't know. Other than there's some people that
just like to watch it, I guess."

He said this in response to criticism of his own team's lack of a mid range game.

However, applying this quote to the Bulls, you can quickly see why we're on pace to be one of the worst offenses in the past decade.  

This offense is built entirely around the long mid range two point shot.   It's the least efficient shot in basketball, and our offense is built around delivering it.  

Minimal three point shooting
Minimal post scoring
Minimal free throws

That adds up to minimal efficiency.  I've pointed it out before, but it's nice to see an NBA coach note the obvious rather than become trapped in an old belief system.


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  • Doug:

    Who's to blame? Management?, Players?, Coaches?. You put Ben Gordon 20 points in the lineup and the teams offense will be just fine...The Bulls need to replace Ben Gordon. So far they haven't.

  • In reply to supercesto:

    and everything else would be back in the crapper.

  • In reply to supercesto:

    Solution to the problem trade Hinrich or Salmons to Golden State for Monta Ellis, a much better(all around player) version of Gordon. Supposedly Ellis hates Nellie(imagine that)

    Heck trade Hinrich, Salmons and Tyrus for Ellis, Randolph and Azibuike. I like Randolph as a freak althlete better than I like Tyrus.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Monta Ellis is a 29% career percent 3-point shooter. He's started out this season 7-15, but it he probably won't end up anywhere near 40%. He's a terrible fit with Rose.

  • Xavier Henry.

  • Salmons and Hinrich are turning it around lately though as Salmons has shot 44 percent from three and Hinrich has shot 38.5 percent. Salmons just needs to keep on playing like the last 2 games

  • Management??? Oh, you mean the trainees that run the Bulls! The trainees that run the Bears are not working out so good either.

    Hinrich is not a starter, even the trainee Vinnie doesn't start him!

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