Source: 13 refs involved in NBA gambling scandal

Per some NBC TV Affiliate in Boston:

BOSTON -- A source tells 7Sports that the gambler at the center of the 2008 NBA betting scandal says 13 referees were involved.

Jimmy "The Sheep" Battista pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transmit
wagering information in connection with disgraced NBA official Tim
Donaghy and served 15 months in federal prison.

The source also tells 7Sports that Battista claims he has the phone records to prove his contact with these 13 referees.

If this pans out the reffing scandal may break like the steroids one in baseball.  More and more info coming out in a negative way for the league.  I'm interested to see how the league responds to this.

Personally, I never believed in refs fixing games, so this would be extremely disappointing to me if it turns out to be true.

As a side note, it's a day later, and the story hasn't been picked up by any major news outlet.  It makes me wonder if a small network affiliate is out headline grabbing without much legit information. 


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  • I am happy about this news, why should only Tim be looked bad upon when other refs are clearly at fault.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all Bulls fans, even Doug...hehe.

    By the way, did anybody see what Marcus Camby did tonight? How about 15 points and 21 rebounds. The Bulls might want to go after him at some point this year.

    As far as the GAMBLING issues go, I'm sure David Stern is just THRILLED. He'll be forceful, if it becomes a bigger story. He's the master of spin and damage control.

  • Hea remember when we had this conversation before Doug and I talked about ref's calling bad calls on purpose, we'll I'm not saying this proves I'm right, but its definatly looking more plausable today, also I think this was the same guy I talked to u about earlier who was going to turn everyone in and right a book about it....I hate NBA refs, and I'd rather have those new, former NBA refs, even though they're unexperienced get used to the league and improve then the refs we have currently(that i believe cheat). That's why I wanted the strike to continue....I always sit back and go, hea, I might be a little paranoid, maybe I should cut them more slack, and say they don't cheat at all, then I see some games and the refing is atroucious, and inexcusably one sided, and if it's not on purpose, and if it's not cheating they're doing, then it leads me to one conclusion, they're not qualified to ref, so either way they should be fired....

  • Good to know I'm not crazy for saying how fixed the games were. If you couldn't tell the NBA is fixed then your just lying to yourself or blind. Come on Doug you knew it was you just didn't want it to be.

    Like 1.7% chance to get Rose and what do you know his home town lucks into the #1 pick.

    Oh and Lebron James the same thing.

    I won't even go into some of the crooks they hire in pro sports. Ex cops and thugs.

    I believe it.

    Studying under Dick Bavetta for 13 years was like pursuing a graduate degree in advanced game manipulation. He knew how to marshal the tempo and tone of a game better than any referee in the league, by far. He also knew how to take subtle

  • You notice something is up when the games on TNT and Doug Collins is doing the games and there is a moment in the game where the ref completely blows the call and Doug Collins does his classic company man blind eye trick and tries to tell the viewing audience something different than what was being viewed. He basically ignores the play and changes the subject.

  • Sometimes you gotta throw a dog a bone. I don't think Stern rewards tanking.

    Stern has been on record saying he thinks small markets are good for the league.

    I agree with you those finals were snoozers but had the teams been more interesting maybe the results would have been different. Watching San Antonio is like watching paint dry. LeBron going one on five got pretty old.

    I believe if there is a great deal of money involved things can get manipulated.

    Seriously the KG trade had and the Gosol trades had to be encouraged by NY. How they shamefully promoted the Lakers and Celtics as a finals match up that was pretty odd. The Lakers and Celtics were headed down a dark road and the league saved them. I have no doubt there were under the table deals being made. Of course I have no proof only years of watching WWE I mean the NBA.

    Even last season they tried everything they could to get LeBron in the Finals or to at least extend that series.

    It's just my opinion.

  • ESPN hyped it all season. Orlando was just a better team. I'm not saying the refs can just flat out make a team win. They can manipulate things.

    Look how swayed the refs are at home games. The make up calls. If the league office wanted something done I believe they could help teams win.

    Maybe I'm just bitter over that Hue Hollins call on Pip years ago.

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