Salmons not looking to shoot threes


Per KC Johnson:

"I always try to get to the basket first. If I'm open, I'm
definitely going to take the 3. But you can get caught up in shooting
3s. Once they start going in, you can lose yourself a bit. And you
always want to stay true to yourself."

Please God!   No.   Not that.   Don't let John Salmons lose himself
because all of his threes are going in.   Don't do it John!   Don't do
it!  Stay true to yourself John, don't sink those threes.   

Okay, I get what he means, you don't want to just start jacking up long jumpshots if you can work for a better shot.   My problem is that frequently when Salmons works for a better shot that he gives up a wide open set shot three to dribble into a contested 20 footer.   

We frequently aren't getting better shots by turning down the wide open threes.


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  • I see that allot from him. He doesnt take those often. He does this allot when stopping ball movement.

  • Take the 3 John its better than watching you dribble the ball off your foot half the time.

  • Yup, that was Gordon, the king of dribbling it off his foot. Salmons likes to pass on open threes, dribble around then down into the paint and get rejected on layups.

  • Hopefully, Salmons is no longer pressing and he will get back to his career normal shooting percetage!

    Kaptain-Klank off the rim Hinrich, the over rated and over paid clock eater really stinks! Gordon opened the floor, everyone and especially Hinrich really miss him. Hinrich is so confused, he doesn't know who to pass the ball to with 2-5 seconds on the clock?

    Soon Hinrich's turnover average will surpass his assist average! He is neither a SG (career inconsistent streak shooter) nor a PG (too slow, won't penetrate, won't-can't go to ther rim), he is nothing more than a back up.

    Paxson got nothing for Gordon and he could not give Hinrich away! Big time free agents are a pipe dream. The stadium is full why spend the money?

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