Rose discusses offensive struggles


Per K.C. Johnson:

"I definitely see that I'm not getting to the rim as much," Rose
said. "If I pull one, these struggles are going to be over with. I just
need to do that soon.

"I don't know what it is. I have to look at more film and see what I'm doing wrong so I can be more aggressive."

I like the fact that Derrick isn't making any excuses.  He knows something's wrong.  He knows he needs to get to the rim.   He wants to go look at film to figure out what it is.

What's interesting to me is his quote about the ankle:

Asked for seemingly the hundredth time if the tendon in his right
ankle that limited him to one preseason game is affecting him, Rose
said no.

"I just have to pull the game together," Rose said. "That's it."

He said just yesterday that he was feeling about 90% healthy in regards to the leg.   I've noticed he seems to be driving in a straight line more times than not now.  He's not getting the change of direction or creativity that we've seen in the past. 

That's a classic sign of someone who's feeling a bit tentative about their ankle either mentally or physically.  Hopefully, Rose gets past this soon.  

I've always been cautiously optimistic about Rose.  I've never put out the "this guy's a superstar" vibe, but I don't like watching the pendulum swing too far against him.  We know he can play much better than this, so there's no reason to panic.   He may not become a superstar, but he's still going to be a very good player.


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  • I feel bad for Rose, the talent is there he just is in a rut. Everyone is talking about Jennings, Westbrook and these other new class of pgs and i know Rose has been seeing and hearing it so he has got to feel a little dissapointed in that he is struggling and people are forgetting about what a talented kid he is.

  • I think Rose will be a very good player also but I thought he was hyped too much last year. What bothered me was what he said a week or so ago that other teams were packing in the lane to counter his strong drives to the hoop. Now can you imagine Lebron, Kobe, Chris Paul, etc. whining about how other teams are defending them? I may be making more of this than I should but that told me that Rose does not have the eye of the Tiger.

  • I find it odd that we're immediately saying Rose isn't going to be a superstar. I mean, he's only 21 is still learning the game on a higher level. How can we make such assessments after just the start of the year. I will say Rose was definitely over-hyped a bit but what can be expected. We've needed a star here for a long time.

  • Isnt there some kind of medical test that can detect add'l inflamation? I swear, if he ends up needing to be shut down later in the season Im gonna be pissed...I mean, if he says he's good to go, I guess thats all you can go off, but I will repeat myself, I'd rather sit him now for a couple weeks, than sit him in March for a month...IMO

  • The real problem that I see in all this, is the increasingly NFL-like way the media and public are treated by the Bulls. With a shy player like Rose, I don't expect to gain much information from him beyond his short, nervous replies. But with Gar taking over, he is much less vocal than Pax and does not seem inclined to speak publicly much. Moreover, Vinnie is absolutely worthless when it comes to gaining any useful information (he's useless in a lot of ways, but that's another topic of discussion). He speaks in cliches that provide zero information. The Bulls are beginning to mimick Lovie and the Bears' method of treating every internal matter like a national security secret.

    When the Bulls' best player, and the central reason for a rejuvenated fan base this year, has played sub-par the first 10 games of the year, fans want to know why. Not so we can stop watching if he's hurt. But because as fans, we're concerned. It is clear that he is not right, so be honest with us and tell us exactly where things are at so we can have appropriate expectations going forward.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    I don't really get how can really say this rejuvenated fan base this year when last year they had the number 2 attendance early on even with us throwing out the likes of Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden. It may not be a loud place, but that's just a lot of corporate businesses bring their clients to the game. They hardly get any talk on sports radio usually just one little measly segment. Plus whenever people talk about the Bears sucking all you hear about is you have the Blackhawks to look forward to. As for us being sub-par the first 10 games I'm going to have to significantly disagree. Were 6-4 vs one of toughest if not toughest schedule in the NBA. Sure our players might not be living up to expectations, but Deng and Noah have been absolutely terrific. As for you criticizing Vinny. One his defense has been absolutely terrific. He's has everyone rotation beautifully, when someone gets beat off the dribble everyone converges and packs the lane. As for Offense it's not greatest run offense, but any coach is going to have hard time running good offense without good 3 point shooter or post player

  • Doug - I cannot understand how you and others continue to buy into this "Rose is overhyped" garbage. How is it unreasonable to expect him to be a superstar? Consider the following:

    1) Last year, Rose was one of only 8 rookies in the history of the NBA to average at least 16ppg, 6apg, and 3.5 rpg. Some of the other names on that exclusive list: Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Chris Paul. They were pretty good, I think.

    2) He won Rookie of the Year competing against a particularly impressive rookie class - and he won easily.

    3) While he had an up-and-down series overall, he put together some of the most impressive playoff games ever played in a Bulls uniform - as a rookie, on the national stage, against the defending champs.

    Now his numbers are down in the first 10 games of his sophomore campaign. Even though he's recovering from/fighting through a semi-serious ankle injury - an injury to a player who relies on quickness and athleticism. And he had no pre-season. Based on these 10 games, we need to tame our expectations? He's overhyped? Really?

    To re-evaluate Rose and change expectations based on these 10 games is short-sighted and ignorant of the facts.

    If you are factoring in all 99 games of his career (including playoffs), you are operating with unrealistic pessimism to not expect superstar-level play from him in the future.

  • Now I'm not saying Rose didn't get this team more talked about in Chicago Sports, but they still had more attendance in 07-08 than last year

  • I might have been, but seems to me like effect of economy were more this year than last year especially in basketball because people bought their season ticket before it happened

  • I am with Doug on this one. Even in his fine rookie year I really never expected star status in the future.

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