Iverson to be waived; Bulls won't get him [nor should they]

Per Yahoo Sports:

"Let's be serious." general manager Chris Wallace said in a statement. "We signed Iverson to boost some ticket sales and had no hope of him realistically contributing to this team in a positive fashion.".    "Well, no one else in the league was going to sign me", Iverson replied "and I figured they wouldn't keep me more than a week, so why not collect the $1 million?" Iverson replied.   [/fake quote]

The Bulls aren't interested in Iverson.   No, no one's told me that.  I just used some common sense. 

They're a team built on chemistry, team work, and defense.   Even though the offense is woeful, there's no way Iverson comes in and helps out.   He'll kill the defense, kill the chemistry, and then get kicked off the team.

Some Bulls fans pine for what Iverson used to be and will surely want to give him a shot.  Iverson was a warrior back in the day, and I don't want to gloss over that as if the guy's a complete loser who could never accomplish anything.  

However, his skills have declined, but his appreciation of them hasn't.   He played a game in Memphis before bitching about rebuilding and coming off the bench.   What'd you expect Allen?

Anyway, good luck to Iverson, I assume you'll be in the basketball hall of fame someday [if they run of college coaches], but I hope a stop in Chicago isn't in the cards before then.


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  • I think anyone would common sense would realize that there's no chance the Bulls sign AI. I mean this is team that chose Pargo over better options just because of how was great locker room guy

  • wow just wow. Memphis is a horrid organization, ok so you make the move to sell tickets which is fine however dont go out and say it. What a big disaster for both parties.

  • Wow Donnie Walsh will meet with AI, i am guessing they really want 30 wins so that Jazz dont get a top 3 pick.

  • totally didnt see the fake part, thanks doug for making me look like **** lol.

  • Doug good ol Isiah Thomas never herd the words lottery protected.

  • Doug thats why I kind of laugh when i hear Charles Barkley say he wants to be a GM one day. Former players really dont make good moves except for short list (Dumars, West).

  • Doug Im not really sure Jordon is that into what the Bobcats do. I mean Larry Brown has to ask Jordon friends to call him

  • I really would hate to get Iverson but in all honesty, we were thinking about signing him before the season started. I think Doug actually had an article on it. He is actually exactly what we need but not what we want. We signed pargo hoping he could be iverson/gordon esque. A guy to come in and get us points when we slow down. Iverson can fill up a score sheet and given the right attitude, he could certainly be huge for us off the bench but he wouldnt like playing behind kirk.

    If Salmsons went down then I would consider to sign Iverson since he would start and his defense isnt as bad as Derricks. And he gets to the line alot but he hasnt played in a while so Im not sure about his skills now.

  • Jordan really better be into the Bobcats because right now he is an embarassement and I doubt he wil like that.

  • Really funny, and you had me going until I got to the second part of the Iverson wuote.

    But you probably got into the minds of both Iverson and Wallace as they were signing the contract.

  • jazz fans if want their #1 pick, they need to sign AI so Knicks dont.

  • maybe now is the time to sign AI! : )
    That laker's game was brutal! we need some major help from our bench. Sit salmons out and start AI!

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