If Kirk Hinrich is out..


Do you bring in Iverson?    I've been fairly steadfast in my view that you can't bring in Iverson, but if Hinrich were to have a serious thumb injury like last year then it would have to be on the table.

Quite simply, the Bulls can't go forward with a four guard rotation of
Derrick Rose, John Salmons, Jannero Pargo, and Lindsay Hunter.   Hunter
can barely make it up and down the court, Pargo is a fourth option, and
Salmons is struggling two of every three games. 

The Bulls offense is wretched and could desperately use someone with the ability to create their own shot right now.   Yes, it's a huge risk to chemistry.   Yes, he's not necessarily a great fit with any other guard on the roster.  Yes, it has some backfire potential.  

However, if Kirk were to miss a significant period of time, what is the downside risk?   Can Iverson on a minimum contract be any worse than Jannero Pargo?    It's hard to imagine him having that negative an influence.   Also, the Bulls are a team where Iverson could have considerable freedom to create his own shots and play a lot of minutes.

If Kirk is back, this line of thought goes out the window to me.  However, I'm sure others would love to bring Iverson in either way.   To me, Iverson with Hinrich, Rose, and Salmons healthy doesn't have enough of an opportunity to flourish and his negative attitude will fester without minutes and shots. 

However, with a Hinrichless Bulls, those won't be issues.

Food for thought, for at least the next few hours until we'll likely find out Kirk is fine.


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  • I think its time, even with Kirk healthy we should have contemplated it. We may have the worst guard play in the nba right now with all 3 of them struggling and 2 inempt guards (Pargo and Hunter).

  • I really don't like Iverson.. his shot selection is awful and getting worst with old age. I think I'd rather watch a season of Rose trying 3's and have big scoring nights and maybe this forces him to be more selfish.

    Then again with this bench it actually makes you desperate enough to at least think of AI. But wouldn't you have to start him? How would it effect the tax?

  • I think it would be a great idea. I mean, nobody wants a train wreck but if Iverson can teach Rose a little attitude and leadership then I fully support it. Moving Rose to the 2 will be an adjustment but one that I think would benefit him.


    I'll take that!

  • Gar Forman doesn't have the nuts to try this anyways.

  • I don't think they can or should try Iverson. This team might suck, but there's no reason to throw a lit match on a tank of gas.

    The bigger issue, as I see it, is that this team continues to make poor personnel choices from top to bottom. People trivialize end of the bench signings, but add it up and we're spending close to $4M on three guys who, frankly, we're in trouble if they ever take the court. Hunter, Gray, and Pargo.

    The Bulls could have signed up three guys for the league min, had an extra $1.5M in contingency, and gotten potentially better output.

    Hunter Alternatives: Carlos Arroyo, Kevin Ollie,
    Gray Alternatives: Brian Skinner, DJ Mbenga, either of the Collins twins, Jamaal Magloire, Joe Smith, Primoz Brezec, Shelden williams, Ike Diogu, Rasho Nesterovic
    Pargo Alternatives: Sasha Pavlovic, James Singleton, Rod Carney, Flip Murray, Rashad McCants, Ime Udoka

  • In reply to Sports2:

    Bingo. Poor personnel choices by the Gar/Pax team are the reason this team is struggling. People complain about the players and the coach. Well, guess who selected these people?

  • In reply to Sports2:

    I actually would like to bring him on and just play salmons at the three more and deng at the four more. We could have really used him last night. We could get a shot let alone make one. He will get buckets regardless.

    My only issue is that I dont think Vinny can control an ego like iverson. He wants to be the best on the team but if he comes to the idea that he can just make a team better he would be great. He can score, he can pass and play defense but not great defense. If we can convince him to help us win and not help him go to the all star game then I would be ok with him.

    It would be a major PR campaign though and we would have to win early and often to make the move legitimate.

  • In reply to Sports2:

    Should it happen? Yes, will it happen. Not a chance in hell. JR isn't going to pay the LT to bring in a questionable but talented player. I just can't see the bulls being gutsy enough to do it.

  • In reply to Sports2:

    I say get A.I. and if he starts to act up. Just put something in his contract like clause saying if he doesn't obey the guidelines and damages team moral/chemistry his contract will be wiped out! At this point we are desperate. We need to do something to ignite our team up.

  • I don't think Iverson is an option but a guy that should be an option IMO is Antonio Daniels. He is not a big scorer but he would fit well here as a guard that can defend both backcourt spots. In fact IMO we should be looking into him regardless of how long Hinrich may or may not be out. If Daniels plays well then you have the option of moving Hinrich for a bigman later on in the season. At the least he is a very solid 4th guard to give us extra depth back there and move Pargo to 5th guard spot and Hunter to the IR permanently.

  • In reply to Basghetti80:

    Yeah, whatever happened to Antonio Daniels? I assume he his level of play fell off a bit of a cliff, but, still, compared to what we have now, maybe he's an improvement.

  • In reply to Basghetti80:

    I'm with Souleater. I would rather see Rose have to force more, I think in the long run this would be better for the Bulls. It forces him to be that alpha dog thing. Iverson might be interesting though, I agree there is no way Gar does this.
    Although there could be some value in Rose seeing a guy like Iverson work, that is Iverson for all his faults is a tough bastard.

  • His contract with Memphis was for $3 million. Bulls are about $1 million from Lux Tax.
    AI would have to accept the absolute vet minimum. He has shown an unwillingness to do so.

  • If JR is really all about money, he would do it, it would sell jerseys a lot better than any guard outside of Rose. And with our horrid backcourt performance right now, it would at least be interesting. And maybe maybe Iverson can get Rose to be agressive and stay agressive for the rest of his career. That alone would be worth a try.

  • ive never liked iverson, and seeing him in a bulls uniform, sound terrible. however, he would really help our scoring problem. but the bad thing is his locker room report is not something any young team needs

  • Simply put, he's not the ANSWER (for the Chicago Bulls).

    Salmons, Hinrich, and Pargo need to shoot better than 36%. Derrick Rose needs to elevate his game to an All-Star level. He can start by ATTACKING THE BASKET for 48 minutes, not just 24. Joakim Noah needs to be a CONSISTENT double-double guy. VDN needs to do a better job of PREPARING and MOTIVATING his to team to play, game in and game out. John Paxson or Gar Forman need to acquire a SUPERSTAR player via trade, free-agency or the draft.

    Until those things happen, the Chicago Bulls will stay a MEDIOCRE team.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    its easy to say what they NEED to be. or what they've been before. but realistically...here and now, not much of that is going to happen.

    keep dreaming. my expectations of the Bulls have not been met yet and this 4 game blowout streak has me sitting with my tail between my legs. not pretty and their play has made me ticked off!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I would do it just to get some potential good "P.R.". Right now, our club doesn't look F.A. savvy for next summer. We're losing games due to offense insufficiency and once again, our management look as if they are lost. Any NBA mind would know that Bulls are losing because of offense. Iverson review favors the players in the NBA. Everyone loves playing with him. We need to create a buzz because the "Rose and Young Bulls" theme is blowing in the wind. We want F.A.'s looking at our franchise closely. How do we do it? by signing Iverson. Personally, Salmons can sit on the bench. If he cry about not starting, then that's great. We know that his salary will be off the books.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Bulls offense look boring. Seriously, I never felt so turned off watching a Bulls game before this season. Sign Iverson. We know his motive is to prove past teams wrong. What do we have to lose?

  • Iverson over Hinrich absolutely! Iverson will put the ball in the hoop and he is fearless!

    The highly over rated and the grossly over paid slow pathetic Hinrich is a boat anchor. The NBA has his #, he is not a PG or SG unless Skiles comes back here along with Gordon.

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