Hinrich could be sidelined "awhile"

Per KC Johnson

On the one hand, an MRI revealed the injured ligament remains attached
to the bone, unlike last season when Hinrich tore the ulnar collateral
ligament in his right thumb and missed 31 games after surgery.

the other, Hinrich is visiting a specialist Monday, five full days
after suffering the injury at a Wednesday practice in Oregon. Coach Vinny Del Negro wouldn't rule Hinrich out for Monday's game, but the fact he didn't practice Saturday and still has swelling doesn't bode well.

K.C. goes on to rule out Iverson and points at Wally Szczerbiak, Antonio Daniels, and Jerry Stackhouse as guards available.   I'd add Rashard McCants to the list as well.   Even though I wrote an article about it, I don't blame the Bulls in the slightest for not chasing Iverson.

Szczerbiak might be the most interesting guy simply because he gives us range again, however, he also doesn't seem like he'd have the quickness to play SG and certainly isn't a backup PG.   Daniels may be the best hedge for positional fit,   Stackhouse might be the last guy I'd choose at this point as he had a 3.3 PER last season and seems like he's completely done at this point in his career.

I've heard RaShard McCants has attitude problems, and given he put up a 17.2 PER in Sacramento after being traded and wasn't asked to return or able to find a new NBA home, it's pretty easy to believe those claims.   Given the Bulls won't take a chance on Iverson due to attitude issues it stands to reason they won't take the chance on McCants either, but his game would fit in with what the Bulls need at this point.

It's hard to gauge how much of a chemistry risk McCants is not knowing him personally or what's happened with him on other teams, but unless it's really bad, he seems like the slam dunk choice talentwise.


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  • Kirk's injury is, at least potentially, worse news than the four-game losing streak, which to me isn't a sign of much of anything. The Bulls at full strength are a playoff team, but the Bulls without Kirk and Tyrus aren't that good. Of that list of players, I'd guess Daniels is the most realistic choice, although I have no idea what he has left.

  • Toronto lost against. They are now 7-11 on the season. Bosh is showing his frustration and their fans are booing them. I think the TIME IS NOW to go after Bosh. John Paxson needs to get on the phone and START the trade talks. The Bulls have some nice pieces to offer and could always bring in a 3rd team like New Orleans. The door of opportunity is cracked open. They need to take advantage of it.


  • This is the reason why a team shouldn't give away charity roster spots. All 13-15 player should be able to perform at a high level, and Hunter is well past that point in his career.

    I would love to see the Bulls sell off Pargo for a second round pick, and then sign a cheap backup point and shooting guard.

  • if we sign someone and go over the luxury tax, reinsdorf is just gonna look silly after letting gordon go

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    With a 91 per game offense, Jerry already looks silly...They are missing Ben Gordon BIG TIME!!! I am still waiting on those who said that bulls will be better without Gordon..LOL

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    I like antonio daniels but where is brevin knight!?

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    They should Salmons and Thomas for Ginobili.

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Chris Bosh...Toronto is in a free-fall.

    NOW IS THE TIME to inquire about a trade for him.

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Wally seriously? He had knee surgery in September I believe. God this season is going to get ugly.

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Time to start shopping John and Brad to contenders and giving time to James.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Pretty risky to trade Miller when he has no value. I say wait it out, and wait for him to get back in shape and let him have big 2 half

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Bulls seem to be doing that same thing they did with Luol last year by saying its not serious and than he misses almost the whole season. It seems like this season is going down the toilet real fast. Hey Doug you better be watching college basketball and scouting out these young kids because it seems like we are headed back to the draft.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Well what do you want them to do? The MRI just showed a sprain. Plus you can't see the specialist till regular work hours. 6-8 isn't the end of the world. This team still has good chance to win 45 games and be a 5 seed

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    JOHN JACKSON said we are not adding anyone right now. So which reporter is right?


    I would add either McCants or Wally. As Doug said Wally gives us range.

  • Noah, Salmons, JJ, 1 for Bosh and Antoine Wright

  • Pretty sure they love to have Noah

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