Derrick Rose quotes that scare me to death

Courtesy of K.C. Johnson:

As for the shooting woes, point guard Derrick Rose said, "We're taking good shots, they're just not going in."

No. You aren't.   And by you, I mean the team, not Derrick Rose in particular.   The Bulls lead the league in long 2s, the least efficient shot in basketball.   You know what's worse than living by the three point shot?   Living by the long two point shot.   The Bulls offense is basically dysfunctional in that it's outcome often ends up with the least efficient shot in basketball.

The worst part of it is, they might be right.   The long two may be the best shot this team can get, and if so, that's the reason they'll never escape the bottom five on offense this season.

"There's no room to drive," Rose said.

Point taken.

There's not a lot of room to drive in the half court, but you have lots of transition opportunities where you get the ball on offense with one man to beat and no one else back yet, and you keep resetting the offense.  That's not a spacing issue.  It's a Derrick Rose issue.

The spacing issue absolutely exists in the half court, but Derrick hasn't pushed the ball up the court hard or taken his opportunities when he has a chance at a one on one in transition.  What star player isn't scoring in that situation 70% of the time?

Even in the half court, star slashers with no room to drive still dive into the lane, bang bodies, create contact and get fouls.  They are certainly not as effective as if they have space, but they don't become passive and useless.  

Derrick Rose is playing scared right now.  He needs to find his swagger again and get his confidence back.  He needs to bang bodies when he drives in the lane instead of leaping to avoid contact.  Maybe the ankle is still in the back of his mind.   Maybe he's just never been aggressive and never will be.  If not, the Bulls are screwed, because a guy who doesn't shoot 3s and doesn't draw fouls isn't going to lead the team anywhere on offense.

He has the talent.  He has the physical tools to get the job done at the highest level.   He needs to aggressively assert his will on the opposing team though.   The spacing sucks, the offensive fit with this group isn't great, and is made worse by our perimeter players slumping.   However, Rose needs to step it up, or we ramp down our expectations to future very good, but sub all star level player. 


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  • Agree with everything you said Doug.
    Derrick has been our 3rd best player this year. If that continues for the remainder of the season this team is not going very far. If the bulls are not going to hit a lot of threes they need to get to the free throw line.

  • I saw these quotes and thought the same thing. Star players force the issue. Drive you will get fouled. I don't like this at all. I'm starting to worry that Rose will just be a guy.

  • Oh, and if Rose isn't that good, the Bulls are screwed for years to come.

  • Rose is not taking good shot, its a little shake and bake and an ugly jumper. Now I understand what he says that we are taking good shots which is true. Alot of our jumpers are wide open and we just arent knocking thme in.

  • The long two is Luols bread and butter. However Rose and Salmons could do more than just shooting long twos. Slash and get to the basket and throw your body around and get some calls.

  • Those quotes were taking out of context though as he was just talking about how the Raptors were playing

  • I wouldn't give up Derrick for CP3 or West, even if they offered both. Derrick is a sophomore Point Guard in his hometown. Loyalty goes a long way and the way you all are talking is stupidity.

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    Ya who wouldn't a top 5 player in the league compared to guy who looks average

  • I do think Rose is right. For the fact, everytime he creates a shot for Salmons, the dude holds the ball for 4 seconds and then throws up a contested shot. If that were Gordon, do I need to say, he would drain it. I think we miss Gordon and once again the Liberals are right and the conservatives are wrong. I really don't care about this season in general, as long as we do better than last year, we're going to be fine. I think Bulls will land Joe Johnson, Wade, Stoudemire, or whomever decides to pack their bags for a 2010 team. We're the closest to competing and we have a group of guys that want to be the second option. Trust me, Rose stands out. Having Jordan shadow doesn't hurt neither. I hope Salmons opt out, too. Somebody tell Taj Gibson he's playing like that guy from Xavier... David West.

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    You do realize that Gordon is a career 43% shooter, pretty much Allen Iverson territory.

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    Maybe we have a Del Bimbo problem. Is he reigning in Rose, so that he can run "the offense".

    I think that Rose's injury is more serious than we know, it may bother him all season. The minute that I heard he had blood in his achilles I was worried about the season.

    The injury is the only real explanation for the lack of aggresion in his play this year vs last. He clearly has a meek personality, and I don't think that will ever change. Regardless of what he becomes as a player, he will never be Michael Jordan as a leader.

    Rose is clearly a Scottie Pippen waiting for his Michael Jordan. Which is why the only move for the Bulls is to do everything and anything necessary to bring Lebron to Chicago. Lebron, Rose and Noah along with the 2 rooks and Asik is plenty enough to build a winner around. I say that Deng(should he continue his progress throughout the season)is our pawn in an ultimate sign & trade for Lebron.

    While I never thought that Rose's shooting was a problem last season, he appears to have improved his jumper to the point that he might be a better mid range shooter than Gordon ever was. Whether or not he can addd 3 point range remains to be seen.

    Personally, I would like to see Rose become a 20ppg scorer, and a rebounder in the Rondo, or young Jason Kidd mode. He is always going to be an offensive point guard, not a Magic Johnson or more realistically Mark Jackson type.

  • I still don't see anything that resembles a professional offense. Is it Rose's fault or Del Bimbo and his crack staff.

  • It's way too early in the season to be that worried about Rose in light of his injury. If he's still struggling after 20 - 25 games that will be concerning. While letting BG go was the best thing for the team long term we all knew this year would be rough for offense. That said Salmons and Hinrich have got to start knocking some shots down and the law of averages says they will...right??? :-)

  • It's way too early in the season to be that worried about Rose in light of his injury. If he's still struggling after 20 - 25 games that will be concerning. While letting BG go was the best thing for the team long term we all knew this year would be rough for offense. That said Salmons and Hinrich have got to start knocking some shots down and the law of averages says they will...right??? :-)

  • More drives to the basket by Rose, Salmons and Hinrich, might be a good idea.

  • You guys are projecting Rose to be on this pedestal that's not even realistic for a unselfish Point Guard. I don't care if Rose averages 17 ppg. and 9 ast. his whole career, while still a Bull. We must keep him and build the right guys around him. I don't think we're going to find a dead shooter like Gordon for a long time. Gordon is rare. The dude releases the ball during the first seconds of a game, if it goes in, pretty much he'll be on all night. Gordon was a great shooter, but a good scorer for us. The fact he didn't fit the laws of Reinsdorf's and some fans' stature led to a selfish demise of the potentially good. I'll take Gordon's 24 ppg. any day, no matter how hr gets it. Just know I'll take it. Bulls lost this off-season by trying to be selfish. Take the good with the bad.

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    The number of crappy teams throughout history with self centered, egotistical, one dimensional scorers who never won a thing is beyond stagggering.

    Gordon has never averaged 24ppg, so the Detroit move was perfect for him, he got more money and more shots. Too bad he will never get more wins, or any rings.

  • I don't care if he's 6'2''. Iverson in his prime was 5'11''.

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    Has he grown or shrunk since his prime, HaHa

  • Well, street ball sure doesn't cut it. I don't know, maybe we should try the Princeton Offense, is Pete Carill still around.

  • And his career field goal percentage is under 44%, that is a fact that cannot be disputed, and not subject to anyones opinion.

    44% is not elite shooting in my book, regardless of any new fangled statistical packages.

    If all we need is floor spacing, go find the new Steve Kerr, who I believe shot over 45% career from the 3 point line.

  • Well, his field goal percentage as a rookie was 47.6%, far higher than Gordon has ever shot in his career, so I am not laughing, the stats don't lie, unlike an undeserved reputation(Rose is not a bad shooter, he just doesn't have 3 point range, yet).

    Gordon is a streak shooter not a great shooter ala Reggie Miller. If he weren't a streak shooter, his career field goal percentage would not be under 44%.

    Michael Jordan shot over 50% for his entire Bulls career, and he took an awful lot of mid range jumpers, more than Gordon I would bet. In fact his worst year as a Bull when he was old is still better than Gordons best year. Yet, I bet you would try to tell me that Gordon is a better mid range shooter than Jordan was.

    Gordon is simply a product of shooting 40% on 3's and taking a lot of them, so how is he anything more than Steve Kerr, who shot 45% from 3.

    We were an F-ing .500 team(just like Detroit will be this year)over a 5 year period with the "savior" so what makes anyone believe that we would somehow be any better than that if he were still here.

    I guess that the obsession with one of the most one dimensional players in the history of the NBA will not end until after we land one of the big fish of the summer of 2010. After that, thank God, we will never have to hear Ben Gordon's name mentioned again.

    Finally, as bad as Rose is on D, I would love to see Rose and Gordon go one on one, supposedly Gordon's strength, my money is on Rose.

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