Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat 5:00 PM CSN

The Chicago Bulls come off a 28-point loss to the Boston Celtics on friday. The Bulls struggled defensively, letting Boston score 97 points in the final three quarters, while connecting on 58.1 percent from on the floor for the game.

Once again, Joakim Noah was the bright spot for the Bulls. The third-year center connected on seven of 10 shots, and completed his second double-double in as many games. Noah leads the team in scoring, rebounding, blocked shots and is third in assists. John Salmons has struggled early in the season,
connecting on just 17.2 percent of his shots, and has been a
significant step slower than his opponents. He has been able to
separate himself from others, to get open jumpshots. But against Miami,
the 29-year old cannot afford to those shots over the 6'4 Dwyane Wade.

comes into tonights game with a 2-0 record. The big surprise in Florida
has been the play of often-injured forward/center Jermaine O'Neal. The
former MVP candidate has averaged 22 points and twelve rebounds in just
31 minutes an outing.

Michael Beasley, the second player drafted
in 2008, is starting for the Heat and responding with 16.5 points a six
rebounds. Given O'Neal's resurgence, Beasley has been flying under the
radar, which has resulted in high efficiency from the young forward.

Bulls have their job cut out for them tonight. The Heat have a
high-octane offense and a lot of versatile players in their rotation.
The Bulls, who are also known for their versatility, will have to see a
better performance for point guard Derrick Rose who has had initial
struggles in the early part of the season. Against the Celtics, Rose
faced a defense that constantly reacted to his movement, which limited
his overall scoring impact significally.

The Bulls have a strong
card on their hand, which must not be ignored. Point guard Kirk Hinrich
has over the course of his career played Dwyane Wade better than
anyone. Hinrich has quick hands, and bodies up well on Wade by playing
him close to the hip. This will be the case again tonight if the Bulls
have any intentions on winning.

Keys for tonight:

- Clog the lane/react to Wade. The Bulls have to close off Wade's penetration lanes, and make him a jumpshooter.

Hit the glass hard. In order to neutralize Jermaine O'Neal, the Bulls
need a strong effort on the boards, much like they brought against San
Antonio, where they pulled down 52.

- Get Derrick Rose going.
Give him the ball early in the game, and make him a contributor. Either
via his passing game, or scoring the ball. The attention needs to be on
Rose, so Luol Deng and John Salmons can get easier shots from outside.


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  • Road game? Check
    Top Quality Opponent? Check
    Superstar on home team? Check

    sure looks like a Bulls loss to me - but not as embarrassing as the Boston game.

  • Morten, is that a picture of you in real life?

    Here's my picture....

  • In reply to bulls6:

    Yes. But I need a better one.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    Nothing wrong with the picture at all...........

    I'm sure the ladies will notice.

    You did mean the "picture", right? If you meant you need to get a better real life, then i can't comment.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    Haha. No, I need a better picture.

    Good to see you back with the original handle.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    Derrick Byars is back, right? Let's go John Paxson and Gar Forman. Wake UP!!! The Bulls are 4/27 from the arc this season. Last I checked that is DREADFUL. Wasn't Derrick Byars 7/14 (50%) from the 3pt-line in the preseason? Not too mention a better than average 3pt-shooter in college and in the D-league?

    The Bulls management NEEDS to start judging guys on MERIT, instead of MONEY. It's easier to WIN that way!!!

  • In reply to bulls6:

    The Bulls management go half on everything. If Ron Artest was still a FA, no way Gar would of signed him.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    It is nice to see Deng operate in the 10-15 ft range.

    The Tyrus drive off Noah was called a give-n-go by Funk. He catch the Funk syndrome ?

  • In reply to rynyen:

    ^ I meant King; he called it a give-n-go

  • In reply to rynyen:

    I am surprised the ball wasn't given back to Miami before this last timeout when it looked like Wade lost it out of bounds while driving to the basket?

    No star treatment nymore cause of the incriminating book that came out?

  • In reply to rynyen:

    Did Wade play all of this 3rd Q ?

  • In reply to rynyen:

    Liked that Kirk ( Kurt? ) had the awareness to 'walk the dog' with 37 seconds left, but the bad pass to Pargo negated the possibility of a 2 for 1.

    Miami really wants this game judging by the amount of time Wade is on the floor. I think he played the entire 3rd quarter.

  • In reply to rynyen:

    I just don't understand the rationale behind holding onto the ball on a 3 on 1 while someone is chasing you down and you don't have the hops to finish at the rim.

    Miami's second unit is going a great job in this game nd is actually taking nd pushing the lead.

  • In reply to rynyen:

    Why not put Tyrus on Beasley and let Salmons rest on defense so he can expend that energy on the offensive end at the Miami scrubs?

  • In reply to rynyen:

    Wade is getting a lot of rest and Miami leads by 1

  • Deng looks to be in good touch. He should try to take a few for his own sake, gain confidence in his 3 pt shot.

  • good play out of TO. 3pt for kirk who opts not to take it. Consequence of his shot being blocked earlier in the game?

  • We played as good as we can. Salmons and Deng shot the ball well. Noah did his thing. Tyrus put in good min. We had 11 turnovers or sth like that. And we still loose! Not a good sign

  • Was Rose jst really passive in this game?

    And it was a dumb decision by him to foul when we were 4 down w/ 38 secs left.

  • Salmonalla: Suck worse than Larry Hughes.

    Rose: Sit him; he's not ready.

    Noah: Pushing himself to the limit.

    TyThomas: ?

    Hinrich: Shoot the three o.k., but I prefer your defense

    JamesJohnson: John Doe.

    Taj Gibson: Preseason Gibson, where you at?

    Brad Miller: Pump Fake not working.

    Deng: He's getting better. I love that post-up-fade-away.

    Pargo: I prefer World B. Free.

  • Ben Horton: I need your shooting.

  • Deng needs better handles and he can be like this every night. He has good form on his shot and good length. Pair that w/ some decent handles.

  • Fire Negro, his defense is 2nd grade. The defense look like the CVS brand of Coach D'antoni's defense.

  • what a horrid 2nd half of basketball. We basically gave the game away with Wade on the bench for a while and us doing nothing and letting heat bench players keep the heat in it.

  • Our defense was not bad simeon, our offense on the other hamd was putrid. Pargo cant do anything right off the bench, Deng was good but missed several big wide open shots down the stretch. Kirk has played good D but he to has to hit the open J. Has anyone seen derrick lately? I know he is not 100% but he is playing at a level of 20%. He doesnt even seem into the game.

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