Bulls win slopfest over Bobcats 93 to 90

The Bobcats started off hot from the three point line but cooled off in the second half.   Both teams struggled to hang onto the ball, and both struggled to control the defensive glass.   However, in a battle of sloppy execution, the Bulls managed to win by three in a game that would have been over far sooner had it not been for five missed throws down the stretch.
Random thoughts:

-  Vinny Del Negro realized that Brad Miller and Joakim Noah actually complement each other quite well and can be used together.   I think the Bulls best lineup is when their front court is Deng, Noah, Miller.   We finally saw that tonight.

- Joakim Noah is still a beast.

- Rose, Hinrich, and Salmons combined for one of the worst passing nights I've ever seen by a Bulls guard rotation.   Salmons repeatedly jumped to shoot and then changed his mind and passed with no one to pass to.  Rose also dribbled into trouble and tried to pass out of it without angles as well as made a bunch of lazy passes.   Hinrich just chucked the ball away a few times.   I'm not sure how many passing turnovers the Bulls had, but they had a ton of near turnovers on lousy passing as well.

- Derrick Rose simply did not look good tonight, and a lot of his faults didn't have anything to do with his ankle injury.   He needs to get healthy, but he does not seem to have confidence to drive to the hoop.    His mid range jumper was on tonight, but he's settling for shots, and he's not seeing all his opportunities at the hoop.  

- The Bulls are really trying to defend the paint at the expense of giving up three point shots.   To a fault.   Especially the corner and the dead on three.   If I'm going to give up an open three then give up the one on the wing.   The corner three is the shortest and easiest, the dead on three is the easiest to visually line up and the most likely to get a lucky bounce.   A defense has to give up something, and long distance shots aren't a bad thing to give up, but at least defend the corners.

- On top of the Bulls giving up a lot of threes, they frequently looked confused on who's job it was to rotate into coverage.

- Did I mention Joakim Noah is a beast, seriously, except for Noah, I'm not sure there's much good in this game.

- Oh yeah, Luol Deng has been a beast on the glass.   He definitely looks like he can play some PF which is a good thing.   He's been using a crapload of shots to get his points, but given that basically every perimeter player on the team has crap efficiency it's hard to single him out for that more so than anyone else.

- Bulls didn't take many, but they actually did shoot a good percentage from the three point line tonight connecting on 4-9. 

- Did you really think the Bulls could be 4-2 at this point?   Really?   I mean they've won some UGLY games, but does anyone care that they're ugly as long as they win?

- Over/Under on the number of times the Bulls give out big macs this year?   I mean you can just use the coupon anyway, no mcdonalds actually has any clue (nor do dunkin donuts know which racer one, so you can bring in which ever one you get), but it's almost hard to imagine this team scoring 100 points.   I give the Bulls 25-30 home wins, no more than 8 big mac hand outs.

- What dirt does Gerald Wallace have on the referees?   This guy full on tackled guys twice without getting whistled for a foul and drew one of the weakest charges in the history of basketball at the end of the half when he got the call on Hinrich. 

- Taj Gibson didn't play much, nor did he play particularly well.   I'm shocked he isn't drawing technical fouls the way he shows up the refs when he gets whistled for a call. 

- Thank god for offensive rebounding.


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  • gerald wallace nearly took out Salmons on the missed Flip 3 at the end and no foul. 4-2 is very good, I didnt think we would be that good out of the gate. It is good to get wins early so we dont have to be in a position towards the end that we need wins to get in. I dont think I have loved a Bulls player this much since MJ, I love Jumpin Joakim..

  • I was always worried about the inconsistency with him and his work ethic but boy did the 09 playoffs change the guy. You can just tell he worked his butt off in the offseason, his arms are huge.

  • Question for you Doug, if Taj struggles do you see Bulls signing anyone? There really isnt anything availble at the four anyway out there. Is Gray expected back before Tyrus?

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    This was from Y!Sports.

    "With just 10 healthy players now that Thomas is out, coach Vinny Del Negro said the Bulls are discussing whether to bring in another player."

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    I may be the biggest Noah fan this side of Florida, however, calling him a beast after a game against Charlottes front line is a bit much. Noah has clearly entered the top half of centers in the league, however, he will still struggle against teams that have old fashioned physical centers. Fortunately, there seem to be less and less of them every day. After Shaq and Yao, who is really left, even Howard isn't really one of them, Oden might the closest, Bynum maybe.

    Rose had better be hurt, because if he had started out this way last season, ther would be no hype going into this one, he would be just another Bulls wasted first round pick. He has been a non factor almost every game.

    Deng isn't much fun to watch, but to me the best development of this season so far is that he is hitting the boards hard. I have always said that the Bulls are a much better team when he is rebounding and just lets the scoring happen. I'll take 10 rpg from Deng over 20ppg. Maybe, in today's NBA he really is a power forward, he sure plods around like one.

    Finally, the Bulls look like they will find a way to win the games that they "should" win this season, especially at home, unlike last year when the constantly lost these type of games. It may not be pretty, but looking good is not the point of the game. If they take care of business, especially at home 45-50 wins is likely, not just possible.

    You are right, 4-2 is beyond our wildest dreams for the first six games. I think that just about everyone wrote off the games against Boston, Cleveland and San Antonio, and Miami at home was always going to be iffy. Hopefully, this bodes well for the upcoming circus trip, although we still look mostly disfunctional on the road.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Sorry, almost forgot, Does anybody think that playing Deng over 47 minutes in a non overtime game this early in the season is a good idea.

    With Tyrus out, Give JJ some regular miutes in both halves of every game, work them in around the quarter break, so Deng gets a nice 10-15 minutes of real time rest each half, but still plays 36+ minutes.

    Way too sophisticated of a move for our Bimbo Vinnie.

  • Bulls had 21 total turnovers, Rose had 7 of those. Although i saw a real nice pass from Rose. He got trapped right after he crossed half court, and right before he would have panicked threw a jet to Deng who was right under the basket.

    Noah has really gotten good. I'm so glad i traded Andrew Bogut for Noah in fantasy.

    I've also noticed John Salmons thinks hes a PG every now and again and he cant really dribble well. When the bulls played the Cavs Salmons got the ball with bout 30 secs left and went all over the place without getting the ball to Rose. Then we ended up with a 24 sec violation

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Rose looks lost to me, and Hinrich, Salmons and Miller were kind of cavalier with thier passes.

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Vinny played Deng so much because Johnson seemed lost out there for the 4 minutes that he did play. Vinny mentioned pre-game that JJ would play SF.

    As for taj, no one really thinks Taj is an NBA quality starter, but he's the best we have with Tyrus out. Dont hate on him just because he's not as good as we need.

    I'm very happy with 4-2. Opening the season with 10 of 14 games aginst 2009 playoff team & most on the road, was hoping that Bulls could win at least 5 of the first 15.

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Taj holds his ground better than Thomas on most competitors but Tyrus is either bad on nights or good against guys like Diaw. I like the new Noah. He hit a great hook move on the baseline then he shot the ball from 15 feet. I'm lovin it!

  • Boy have people changed their tune on Noah. Not including you Doug, since I didn't discover your site until sometime last season.

    However, I was awfully lonely on the Noah bandwagon for the first one and a half plus years. I always knew that the only thing he needed was to get on the court, and everyone(Skiles, Wallace, Boylan and Gooden) was just standing in the way of his development.

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