Bulls finally break 100 in win vs Kings

The Bulls defense was again smothering the Kings forcing turnover after turnover when the Kings were trying to make a run.   The Bulls offense was shaky enough to allow the Kings chances to get back in the game, but the big difference this game was the Bulls shot 7 of 12 from the three point line which turned an otherwise tight game into a rout.
Thoughts of the game:

- Joakim Noah records another double double, and on top of it had 2 offensive put backs at a point where the Kings were making their last charge.  Those boards and put backs were the straws that broke the Kings back.

- I don't know how I forgot to mention him originally, but John Salmons had a great night for the Bulls that could have easily been even greater.  He shot the ball well, scored efficiently, and did everything we've been hoping John Salmons would do all season.  That being said, he continued to pass up a number of wide open three attempts.  Salmons clearly doesn't feel comfortable as a catch and shoot player, as he passed on wide open corner threes, and actually took an off the dribble around a pick three [which he made].

- The refs were terrible in this game in my opinion.  I don't think they effected the outcome in any way, and they were biased for us more than against us.   However, they were still terrible. 

- Kirk and Rose combined for 3-21 on the night.  Ouch.  Derrick Rose lived up to his word about being more aggressive attacking the hoop, but he wasn't effective.  Kirk biggest offensive contribution was throwing up both bricks that Noah was able to tip in to end the Kings run.

- Luol Deng started off dreadful, but after an 0-4 start, he finished 8-10 from the field reigning down mid range jumpers all over the place.  It was great to see him shoot so well, but a part of me cries that he's not shooting that well from three feet further away.  Deng's defense and rebounding were outstanding again as he continues to play at an extremely high level.

- Jannero Pargo didn't do much in the second half, but his 10 points in the first half over a 2-3 minute span propelled the Bulls to the big lead that they never relinquished.   He was a big part in the victory.

- The Bulls continue to overpass as our shooters get scared to take open set shots.   That's one thing to be proud of with Deng, when he gets an open shot in his range he just shoots it.  Hinrich and Salmons pass up open jumpers repeatedly which is amusing given some of the off the dribble shots they'll take.

- Brad Miller had a fine outing and shot the ball well and used his up fake to great joy of all who watched.

- James Johnson finally had some quality minutes.  He still looked a little lost on offense playing a bit too passively not really sure where to cut.  On defense, he missed a box out a couple of times.  However, he had an open 3, a break away dunk, a couple boards, and a block.   When he gets his confidence back, I still think he can become a big contributor, and it was nice to see a glimpse of the good Johnson tonight.

- Taj Gibson provided the Bulls first two baskets.   Everything after that was a trainwreck.

- Bulls defense continues to impress me.  Their rotations are so sharp.  They do an excellent job on the pick and roll of double/recovery so they don't leave their opponent with a mismatch, but don't let him get the shot off either.   The level of help everyone is providing without getting caught is impressive as well.

- The Bulls really needed to win against Philly and Sacramento in case the rest of this trip was a train wreck.   Mission Accomplished.   It's all upside from here on out IMO.  While I'm obviously hoping for a lot more, I'd be content with just 1 more win in the next 5 games knowing how tough this trip is.


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  • I would like to officially nominate "Beno with the draino" as the worst announcing call of all time. Apologise to the world, Jerry Reynolds.

  • Naturally, Del Bimbo rule, James Johnson shall not play any minutes in the second half, he might cost me my job.

    Despite shooting somewhat better, Salmons still looks like a shell of the player he was last year. I have no clue why, is he really that much better as a 3 than a 2. If he had played this badly last season, we would have been swept in Boston, and nobody would have wanted him back this season. We would have had to keep Gordon, yikes.

    Del Bimbo needs to realize that even in his prime Brad Miller couldn't play 12+ minutes in a row.

    Why does Noah still miss dunks, 2 tonight, are his hands to small?

    If it wasn't for Hinrich and Rose we would have actually shot over 50% for once.

    Rose is really starting to scare me, he looks absolutely tentative and lost.

    After Salmons his play is the biggest problem with the team so far, actually, come to think of it, it is a bigger problem than Salmons play is. He seems to have completely lost the ability to jump or to handle the basketball. He now regularly loses the ball while dribbling against no defense. If I didn't know better, it would appear that lack of defense and lack of ballhandling are the only things that he learned from Ben Gordon last season. Without those 2 skills what use is he. He better be seriously injured, if not then the only explanation is that the Chicago Bear sophomore running back jinx must be affecting him.

    Tyreke Evans is a big, good looking guard, wouldn't he look great next to Rose, or dare I say instead of Rose, ouch? The kid even knows how to play defense.

    Gibson does not appear physically ready to handle the real men in the NBA, maybe we should try Johnson. As usual we need to combine 2 of our players to make one actual NBA player, Gibson and Johnson this year, Gordon and Thabo last year, Deng and Tyrus any year.

    If we can get at least one "burst" like that out of Pargo every game we might have a chance to score 100 points every night.

    The Sacto announcers are bigger clowns than the average NBA homers. They are in love with Salmons, and think that both he and Rose are good one on one defenders.

    Just can't say that I am too impressed by this win, the Kings pretty much kicked it away. If we don't play much better we won't win another game on this trip.

    Doug, Mark Schanowski over at Comcast put up a blog about trading for Tracey McGrady. While I have always disliked him, I think that it is excellent food for thought. Maybe you could put up a post on this trade possibility. We could totally clear up our cap space for next season by trading any combination of Salmons, Hinrich, Thomas and James(if necessary). We might even have a chance at 2 full max contracts. Oh, the possibilities. Think about it.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I love reading this blog and being in good company with some great bulls fans (hard to come by in the real world). But I don't understand the constant criticism of Taj Gibson. Last I checked he is a rookie, and one that came late in the first round. IMO, he's doing a fantastic job and contributing some much needed defense and scoring. I even think he's a better piece than Tyrus at this point (more cooperative, thinks team first). People who were putting Noah in the same boat as Tyrus last year are singing a different story now and I think the same will be true for Taj if you give it some time.

  • Salmons might be struggling, but he was still able to put up TS over 55 every year he was with the Kings play with complete crap. Even if he can't repeat last year at least he should play the way he was in Sacto before his career year

  • Rose looks gas-ed out there. Did anybody else see him bent over after the final buzzer sounded?

  • Give Stacey King a Message

    I enjoy Stacey and actually think he's a better announcer than he was a player.

    But when Derrick Rose put a move on a guard and the guard fell down, Stacy exclaimed: "There's a sniper in the building." Later he said, "There's an assassin."

    I don't think I'm a politically correct nutcase but I didn't enjoy these one liners. To have succeeded so well as a sportscaster, Stacy must be very adaptive and self-correcting.

    Perhaps someone can take Stacy aside and tell him the "sniper" and "assassin" one liners seemed pretty out of place. He can do better.

  • Noah Growing, Luol Healthy, Derrick Recovering

    What a pleasure to see Noah kicking some butt with double-doubles. It's like watching an NBA player grow and mature before your eyes.

    Great to see Luol healthy. He's answering our summer "Will Luol be healthy?" questions game by game.

    Derrick's ankle problems are either still present or delayed his development this early season. He'll come around. I don't predict greatness for the point guard but I do expect him to be very good for years to come.

  • Let's keep in mind guys Rose is 21yrsold. He has alot of growing up to do, but so far so good! #1 Rose fan!

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