Bulls blown out for the third straight time

I haven't gotten to watch too much of this game yet, the first quarter and parts of the second.   You start thinking through the first quarter that we're keeping it close, then in the second everything falls apart.   Then I think of my 5:00am wakeup call, the odds of the Bulls coming back, and figure it's not worth it to stay up through halftime.

The Bulls offense played well enough to win this game, but the defense was nowhere to be found as the Blazers shot 57.5% from the floor.  You're not winning games when your defense allows that. 

I refer you to some of the other postgame comments for more detailed analysis until I can catch up and watch this one, if I can stomach it.

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One thing I note when looking at the box score, the Bulls were sent to the line half as much as Portland?   Someone else chime in here, were we jobbed in this one or were we hacks?

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