Brad Miller denied miracle finish

Despite what Stacy and Neil complain about, the ball looked like it was still on Miller's fingertips to me.  It was awfully close, and if they said "too close to call" I would have understood it, but it looked on the fingertips to me unfortunately.

While I'm not one for moral victories, the Bulls played a great game against a great team.
First thoughts..

- The Bulls defense sure looks legit doesn't it?   They've played well defensively against the Cavs, Spurs, Nuggets, and Heat.   In seven games, they've only had 1 poor defensive effort (Boston).   Luol Deng was just outstanding defensively.

- Really tough foul on Kirk to end the game.  You wonder if he doesn't make the foul there if Billups gets the shot off before the buzzer.   Not that I can blame Kirk for making that snap decision to try to swipe the ball when Billups has an open layup coming.

- Bulls offense still struggles.   They just don't have the floor spacing or shooting. 

- The bench killed the Bulls tonight going 5/23 for 13 points with 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 turnovers in 52 or so minutes.   That's pretty terrible.  When you look at the +/- it's like we were a good team for a night.  The starters were all big +s while the bench roster was all huge -s.  This is pretty rare for this team. 

- John Salmons turned back into three day old fish going 3/13.

- If you had to pick one place the Bulls lost this game it was the free throw differential, and boy did Chauncy Billups get a few really cheap fouls.   The Bulls also got hosed down the stretch a bit.  The questionable tip call, the jump ball where Noah clearly had possession, the no tripping foul on Anthony when Deng dives for the loose ball.. etc..

- This wasn't a game I expected the Bulls to win per se, but I'm glad they brought it tonight.  I only wish they could bring it in a more entertaining style.

- Derrick Rose had his best game of the season which is a great sign.   Hopefully he can keep this up and go on a role. 

- Speaking of which, is there a rule against more than one of our guards playing at a level greater than competent on the same night?   It's just feels like it's always 1 on 2 off.

- This just in [not really] Joakim Noah is still a beast.  What was even better about this game is that they rode him all night long though.

- I give the nod to Taj tonight.   He had an excellent game and looked very solid on defense tonight.   The defense took a step down when he left.  I've often thought he was more spastic than effective defensively, but tonight he was very effective.


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  • How come I posted my post game thread first, but yours shows up as being posted 24 minutes earlier? Heathens. People will think I'm a leech.

  • We need to seriously start looking for deals and using Tyrus as the chip. Either a SG or a PF.

  • who wants him? he's an unrestricted agent that we're renouncing the rights of by next year. do people really want to trade for him? do we really want to loose him? do you want to see more of gray? We cant ride miller and noah all year. i dont want to trade tyrus just yet.

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