Blogabull: Everything going according to plan

Plenty more at the link as this is just one of the conclusionary paragraphs:

But team improvement wasn't necessary in this grand franchise plan. In
fact, the plan is not really a plan at all: it's to be lucky. The Bulls
may be positioning (and not there yet, depending on some cap variables)
to acquire a max free-agent, and it'll be tough for me to call it an
achievement of the team if they're able to pull it off: it'll mostly
just be a fortunate occurrence.

And if you look throughout NBA history for how teams become
championship contenders, a lot of it is indeed luck. The Bulls already
had more than their share given their improbable lottery victory two
summers ago. But now, though seeing improvement from Noah and a
bounce-back year from Deng is a big help,  they need another massive
stroke of luck to be relevant again. Whether they get that or not, it
stinks that it's not only what the franchise could use, but what
they're absolutely banking on. Their front office is certainly not
making their way back to the top by being good at their jobs.

I definitely see where Matt is coming from here, and I agree with most of his post.  It's not time to panic or worry.   The record is in a good spot right now, and the schedule will lighten up.   The one point I'll disagree on is management merely getting lucky if it gets a star in 2010.

If you wanted to be a player in 2010 then you had to make certain moves to make that happen.   The Bulls made those moves, and if they do sign someone then I don't see how you can call it luck.   It was a process of careful design to create that signing.  There were numerous sacrifices along the way to put the Bulls in that position.

I'm glad they went with the plan, and I think it was absolutely the right move whether it works or not.  Quite simply, they took a chance on acquiring a superstar.   Maybe it will fail, but if it does they're not notably worse off.   If it succeeds they can vault into the legitimate title contender realm.


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  • As long as Paxson and his minions are running the show the Bulls will not contend for any title! All the Bull PR doesn't change the fact that the Bulls are devoid of talent! The Bulls are a joke!

  • Doug-

    Good post. I agree, they had to take a shot, and we all knew that meant sacrificing some things in the short term. There is such a clear disitinction between the elite teams and the Bulls, they simply couldnt become a contender the old fashioned way, they need a superstar, and all sign indicate they are going to move full speed ahead to aquire one in the off season.

  • I agree you have to go after it and we have been able to put ourselves in position to get a big name and still remain a playoff team in the process which is important. My only concern/question now is assuming you dont get Wade or Lebron do you get Bosh and then fill in roster with vet minimum guys or do you sign a Boozer type and then bring in another player for SG spot?

  • they put themselves into a position where good luck could be a huge benefit to them, but their " plan" is essentially to get the completely fortuitous interest of a great FA, fortuitous because there is nothing about this franchise that says to FAs: "you must come here!!"

  • We've heard this before from that blog about 2010 . . . and heard it . . . and heard it. You said it. How can we call a plan they've carefully crafted for years luck? I just hope they'll be just as vocal when the Bulls do sign a big free agent this summer.

  • The NERF(not even remotely friendly) boy will never recover from the mother of all ben Gordon derangement syndromes. All he(they)do is complain about how clueless the Bulls are, while offering no solutions other than "if only we had Gordon"(we could be a .500 team again).

    Not only do we have no choice but to put ourselves in a position to "get lucky" in 2010, but we clearly haven't gone far enough.

    Hinrich, Salomons, and either if not both Tryrus or Deng have to go in order to make 2010 a true shot at home run, 2 max free agents, one of whom must be named Lebron.

    Unfortunately, I am certain that the Bulls plan is to get rid of only Tyrus, hope that Salmons opts out so that they can go after Bosh.

    More unfortunately, Bosh alone will not get it done. Add Bosh to our current mix and we are not noticably better than Toronto is or has been with Bosh.

    While I would be happy to have Bosh alongside Noah, he better come with Lebron or Wade if we actually want to compete for a title.

  • Does it make sense to dump TT and anyone else needed to get a Bosh or a Boozer this year....then see how it plays out?

  • bring on mercer!

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