Tyrus wants to start

There were a whole bunch of quotes from Tyrus from the interview session about wanting to start in one of K.C.'s trib pieces.

"I don't even think it should be questionable from what I've contributed to this team last season and what I did throughout camp," Thomas said. "But ( Vinny Del Negro's) the guy who makes the decisions. Whatever decision he makes, I have to go play."

"I think that was more Scott Skiles' deal my rookie year," Thomas said.
"I'm a veteran now. I know what I have to do to be a better player and
help my team win. If it is a motivational factor, it's not needed."

I presume these quotes came prior to the game as Tyrus didn't do anything to make his case over Taj during the game as they had similar box scores on the night, and Taj looked like the more aggressive and assertive player from the half of basketball that I got to watch.

Vinny also downplayed the decision :

"I want (Thomas) to get some practice in," Del Negro said. "It's
nothing. Taj has worked hard and played well. He's young. We're just
trying to get him as much experience as we can. That's all.

I don't know how much I buy that.  You wanted to get him time because he's earned it not because he needs it to develop.  Look at James Johnson's 11 minutes played last night for evidence of that.

Will Taj start over Tyrus this year?   If the Bulls start Joakim Noah, then I don't think it's a bad decision.  I think the Bulls should start him in a Chris Duhonesque way where he's the first one out of the starting lineup, but limiting the minutes where Noah and Tyrus are on the floor together is a good thing.

A rotation where Gibson plays for six minutes, then Tyrus comes in, and Noah plays for 8-9 then Brad comes in would work a lot better for separating the two than playing them both to start the game and third quarter.  In that scenario, you're probably sticking with both for at least six minutes which gives them a minimum of 12 together on the floor.

Alternatively, the Bulls could avoid this problem by starting Miller and Thomas together.  The question becomes "are the Bulls going to approach the starting lineup on individual or team merit?".  The obvious answer is team success, and if that's the case, then Tyrus + Joakim is not the way to go in the starting lineup.

I think Joakim deserves to start more than Tyrus, but Miller deserves to start more than Gibson, so you could make a case to go in either direction.  All things being equal, I'll error to the side of Joakim and Gibson starting together simply because both players are likely to wear the uniform next year while Miller and Tyrus are both free agents.


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  • Who cares what Thomas wants or doesn't want,so far he hasn't lived up to his potential. He should shut his yap and and show everyone how good he is when he is on the floor!

    Gibson is a big plus and hopefully Johnson will step too. The Bulls
    need these two rookies to push the undependable Deng and Thomas and maybe these two vets will put out maximum effort every game with some help from the kids.

    Is No-Shot Noah in shape?? Joakim had to get electro-lytes when he had his big game against a pathetic preseason team that was missing their starting center. Electro-lytes means he was not in shape!! What kind of coach will continue to tolerate players not being in peak condition when they come into camp??

  • In reply to Alex:

    Electrolytes..?? WHAT?!? Doesn't everyone replenish electrolytes after or in some cases during a strenuous athletic activity? I haven't heard any complaints about Noah's conditioning thus far.

  • I've never believed in the term 'paid his dues'. What does that even mean? They're all professionals, whomever is most effective should receive the most playing time. And on top of that, Tyrus has shown absoutely no signs of growth from last year. Did you see those horrendous jumpers he was throwing up yesterday? Unbelievable.

    What really concerns me in all this potential drama, is what it means in terms of contract status. The Bulls have not discussed re-upping Tyrus as of yet, and if this little blip turns into something bigger and he is not the starting PF come regular season, I could see such a wide chasm created between him and the Bulls that no contract extension is possible. I'm not saying I even want the Bulls to extend him, but you'd like the door to at least be open so that his trade value is not decreased either. It's something to monitor.

  • It's not who STARTS that matters, it's who FINISHES that matters.

    Tyrus' problem isn't starting, it's finishing. Last I checked, Brad Miller and Joakim Noah were on the floor late in the game vs. the Celtics last season. Now, the Bulls have added Taj Gibson to that equation, which should make it even harder for Tyrus to close out games. Maybe if Tyrus Thomas would show better basketball IQ, then maybe he would finish games.

  • I don't know if you all saw this but Tyrus push Taj Gibson head in a blatant manner during the game. I think there is some fake loving going on between the two.

  • Gibson is better next to Noah than Tyrus Thomas is. Thomas can't stretch the floor like Taj can. I think he should leave if he's putting himself over the better of the team. Taj is just better on the post. He can fade, power-play, and get aggressive. He held his own against Bass and Gortat. I think his awareness is better than Tyrus Thomas, too. Don't get wrong, I love Tyrus Thomas jumping ability but if you can't cut when needed or passs when needed, what are you on the floor for?

  • VDN wants to keep his job...

    Let me be perhaps the first to start this unsubstantiated rumor.

    Why would VDN take such an early risk and start Taj Gibson over a slightly disgruntled Tyrus Thomas? It's a Scott Skiles sort of decision.

    That's why I think someone is whispering in VDN's ear to use Taj as a lever to get Tyrus motivated to try harder and be productive. Or, is VDN just trying to find his best lineup pairing Noah and Gibson to start games?

    Either way, VDN is protecting his job (rightfully so).

    I estimate in one short month we'll see how this aligns itself. Tyrus said, "I don't even think it should be questionable..." regarding his starting or not. He is a veteran, he has paid his dues.

    What he isn't processing himself is that Jerry Reinsdorf, Paxson and Gar are watching closely. They all have paid their dues in investing money and time into Tyrus. They want a return on their investment in TT.

    This first month of basketball will be critical for Tyrus Thomas. I hope he proves us all wrong and is highly productive coming off the bench. So productive that it will quickly force VDN to start him.

    In one short month, this power forward question will bubble to the surface and force a management decision, hopefully a good one.

  • Doug,

    Who CLOSES is way more important, then who STARTS.

    Personally, I don't want to see the Bulls give big money to Tyrus, if he can't CLOSE out games. In terms of the Bulls themselves, it wouldn't surprise me to see this line-up develop with the game on the line.

    PG - ROSE
    C - NOAH


    Therefore, if certain high-priced players or soon to be high-priced players (Deng, Thomas, Salmons, Hinrich, or Noah) can't close, then they shouldn't be on the Bulls roster. It would just be a serious waste of big money.

  • What's so terribly wrong with Tyrus and Noah starting together? I've got no qualms with that. The Bulls shouldn't overthink this - give both of those guys 30+ minutes. Please.

  • I think that both Vinnie and Tyrus are wrong. Tyrus has done nothing to earn an automatic right to start. He essentially has gained a "right" to start by default, there is no other veteran on the roster.

    Vinninine probably should have started Tyrus, especially since we haven't seen Noah and Tyrus together much this preseason.

    Tyrus has bigtime Mope a Dope tendencies, and could be affected to the downside, rather than motivated by this. Weak reaction on his part, putting up only 10 & 3 against Orlando.

    Never-the-less, don't like the move by Del Bimbo. He isn't smart enough to play mind games, and neither is Tyrus.

    I'm afraid that I see a Ben Gordon situation developing even though Gordon was essentially a starter and always got his minutes.
    The Bulls do not appear to "like" Thomas and appear to 'mistreat" him, even though his uneven play earns the mistreatment. They may loose him mentally, which isn't difficult, given his limited capacity.

    The worst part of all of this will be the Ben Gordon like reaction by the NERF boy and his sycophants over at DBagaBull. We won't here the end of it all season and beyond, nauseating.

    Given that this is our last shot at seeing Thomas do something/anything we should commit to Thomas as a starter with consistent major minutes for at least the first half of the season, win/lose record be damned(we aren't sinning anything this season anyway). We have never really given him the consistent opportunity. It is now or never for Tyrus and the Bulls. We have to have a definitive answer before the tradeline.

    By the way any chance we can just ban all iterviews with Del Bimbo. He never says anything other than a bunch of trite cliches.
    Everytime that he opens his mouth I am totally disheartened, and lose any confidence that I might have had in him or the team. He really seems like a bit of a whiner, always making excuses about not having everybody available or together for long enough to make a difference.

  • Doug,

    In my opinion, it's crucial the Bulls identify who the "closers" are. Those are the guys that will deserve the big contracts. If there are current players on their roster that won't be closing, but have/want big contracts, then they should trade them elsewhere.

    This is what I think the lineups should be.


    PG - Rose, SG - Salmons, SF - Deng, PF - Thomas, C - Noah


    PG - Rose, SG - Hinrich, SF - Salmons, PF - Miller C - Noah

    * If this plays out, then Deng and Thomas need to be traded.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    U cant give yourself a single unit and say these are our closers. it varies from game to game on who your playing. for example if one night james jonhson is killing the nets and and joakim noah is playing poor he will get the nod to play over joakim. and for most teams the closers are usually their starting 5 or if not they will have one bench player in like the spurs with ginobli. btw derrick byers blows and would be a bigger waste of space on the bench than del negreos dad.

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