Tyrus to start despite staff debate; Rose, Hinrich, Pargo to sit

According to KC's blog:

There is still internal debate as to whether Thomas or Gibson makes sense as the starter.

"Tyrus has had a couple good days of practice," Del Negro said after
the team's morning shootaround. "He started for us last year. Let's see
how the first unit does. We're just taking it a day at a time. Once we
get back to practice with our bodies healthy, we'll try to get into a
consistent rotation that makes sense."

It's interesting to see Vinny to talk about how the first unit will do.  Hopefully he's not basing the first unit performance on a day where Lindsay Hunter might start at PG or else Tyrus is really behind the eight ball to keep that slot.

Of course, what's more interesting is where the Bulls go when Hunter needs the defibrillator paddles half way through the game.   They've only got two guards playing in the game.  KC suggests that James Johnson will play some point forward which is enough to make me watch the game alone (and I don't see how he can't with the roster as it is).

The Bulls are down to:
G: Hunter, Salmons, Byars
Wings: Johnson, Deng
Bigs: Tyrus, Noah, Gibson, Miller

Of those nine, I'm not sure if Byars is even healthy enough to play.   Probably won't make for memorable basketball, but it will force James Johnson into extended minutes, so I'm going to watch and see what he'll do.


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  • I hope Lindsey Hunter can log 30+ minutes. Also, I think Derrick Byars has shown and done enough to make the team, but if he is healthy enough to go, he has a great opportunity to seal the deal. Tonight is a good night to have that jumper working.

  • I watched James Johnson at Wake Forest a lot on ESPNU lol. The dude can play Point Guard in a limited role. I don't see why Hunter has to log in so many minutes lol. This is going to be a funny game to view.

  • I also heard he played Point Guard for his highschool team. What's that all about lol?

  • When I see Hunter play I think of that old Jane Fonda movie "They Shoot Horses Don't They?

  • They should put Byars at point, right Doug?...hehe

    Some teams in the NBA are keeping 14 men on the roster, so he could still make the team. Don't be so negative. Gee Wiz.

  • Doug,

    Help me out here.

    If Minnesota can waive Antonio Daniels, why can't the Bulls waive Jerome James? It's not like Daniels is putting up great numbers or minutes.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    They could waive him, but it wouldn't change the money situation at all.

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