Rose misses another practice

From the Tribune fullcourt press blog:

Derrick Rose is sitting on the sidelines again Monday
when reporters were granted access to Bulls practice at O2 Arena.
Reporters will be able to ask questions at about 6 AM Chicago time, but
it appears Rose's Achilles injury is still bothering him.

This doesn't strike me as anything to worry about for Rose, but it will surely disappoint British fans if he's unable to go.  Not that this should be a factor at all in whether he plays or not.   It clearly shouldn't be.

In the preseason there's no reason to ever play a guy who's banged up even a little or has anything tweaked at all.  We can discuss missed practices or games, but in reality we all know these games are meaningless and should be treated accordingly.  Not that I'm telling Bulls management something they don't already know there.


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  • Its a smart move sitting him out. I hope he gets better fast.

  • He won't play tomorrow according to Sam Smith. The time change will only hinder his healing. I would be resting if I were him. Hey, lets see James Johnson and Gibson go to work without the head. It'll be a interesting look.

  • I think VDN thinks DROSE and Ty Thomas will play tomorrow.

  • You can see the interview he gave to BULLSTV, which is officially launching Oct. 29th on the NBA website.

  • I have suffered from this ingury...and I HOPE its not as bad.
    That's a tough spot.

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