Detroit bad boys: Derrick Rose on the all over-rated team

The Detroit Bad Boys blog, part of fanhouse, came out with an all over-rated team.   Guess who's on it?   Derrick Rose.

G- Derrick Rose

Rose moves up to the first team this year, after a decent rookie
campaign has everyone talking superstar.  He could make the leap, but
it's equally possible he simply turns into an above average
combo-guard, and it's not out of the question that he turns into Larry
Hughes.  Minus the defense, of course.

I actually like most of their list, and I don't even mind including Rose on it.   I do think Rose has been overrated when people talk about him as if he's an all-star or super-star caliber player already.

However, there's no way he's ever Larry Hughes.  Especially when you drop the, except the defense.   If anyone thinks Rose is a worse version of Larry Hughes, then I'd question how much they've seen him play or whether they've bothered to ever look at his stat line. 

Rose also has an excellent chance to back up those who've hyped him.  He's obviously no where near his peak.  Like many young players, fans tend to rate him on what they expect him to become rather than what he is at the moment.


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  • Couldn't resist this, the player that can be described as a worse version of Larry Hughes, minus the defense of course, is/was Ben Gordon.

  • Doug,

    If anyone is over-rated it's Ben Gordon, not Derrick Rose.

  • Seriously guys? I'm not going to rehash an old argument (at least not to much), but I couldn't disagree with you more. And this is coming from someone who for the last 2 of years was resigned to the fact that Gordon wouldn't be back. A huge part of me agrees with him not being in our long term plans. But to say that Gordon is (keeping in mind the defensive caveat) a worse player than Hughes is misguided at best.

    That argument could be made that (again taking defense off the table) he's (currently) the best of the 3. Not that i'd want him over rose.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh, Doug! It's been awhile since you compared Hughes to something.....unsavory. That made my morning.

  • Derrick Rose is less over rated than Ben Gordon in some respects. Most teams in the NBA under rated Gordon but the Pistons OVER RATED him. He is a dead eye shooter but thats only if he is in the right offense. Chicago provided that offense and by doing so took the ball out of Derrick Roses hands a little too much last season. Now Detroit with a 2 shooting guard starting line up and with Ben coming off the bench does not have the ability to provide Gordon with the same amount of time with the ball as Chicago did. So I wouldn't say Ben Gordon is over rated over all... but the Piston's have made the mistake in doing so. And really Detroit, you wanna talk about an over rated combo guard... take a look at sucky... oh I mean Stuckey. Every one still feel good about trading Chauncey?

  • Ben Gordon has exactly one skill better than Hughes, shooting, or 3 point shooting. In every other regard Hughes has more basketball skills than Gordon.

    I am no Hughes fan, but in his peak years he had a higher scoring averages than Gordon, more Rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and he could actually handle the ball without dribbling off his foot or knee.

    It is becoming apparent that you are a little too wedded to stats, especially certain stats, make that one stat. If the NBA were a game of horse, your view might be valid.

    I am preety sure that Mark Eaton had a very high offensive efficiency. Why not just collect all the guys who shoot 60% from the field or 45% from 3, ooops have to make that 40% for Gordon to make the cut.

    I would argue that Steve Kerr(better 3 point shooter, takes only good shots in the offense) in his prime was more valuable to a championship team than Gordon ever will be, and history would appear to argue along with me since he has 5 rings.

    Apparently you believe the game is won on individual offensive statistics. That is how contracts are won, a and perenially losing teams are built.

    I believe that the game is won on individual and team defense(I include rebouding in defense). Every Bulls championship was won on the backs of the indivdual defense of Jordon, Pippen, Grant, Rodman and the overall team defense that they allowed the Bulls to play. And in Jordan the Bulls had the most potent offensive weapon in history fo the game outside of young Wilt.

    I don't think that there is any similarity to Hughes in Rose's game, none, zero, and that was the point of my post. The only reason that you might compare the 2 is that Hughes had a full package of NBA caliber skills, like Rose, and Gordon has only 1.

    In the end Rose will be a major contributor to winning, Gordon like Hughes never has and never will, thus the only similarity that matters, at least to me.

  • I agree that Rose became overated as the season wore on. He is overated because he still has flaws in his game that he needs to work on(mostly defense and turnovers).

    However, I think that people overate him because it is so obvious how great he is likely to become, and in a perverse sort of way he earned his overatedness by his performance exceeding already high expectations.

    He is overated based on his stats, but ask any NBA GM, Coach or fan and there are only a few point guards that anyone would trade him for, and maybe only 12-15 players in the entire league, so apparently then he really isn't overated.

    And obviously, no one not even the NERF boy over at DBagaBull would trade Rose for Gordon.

  • We are not comparing the players as players, per se. Although the original Detroit poster apparently tried to compare Rose to Hughes. My point is that there is no comparison between Rose and Hughes and there is more of a comparison between Gordon and Hughes, than there could ever be between Rose and either of the other 2.

    Sort of like comparing Mozart to Kanye West and Lady GAGA.

    Rose is in one universe, and neither Gordon or Hughes ever have or ever will inhabit that universe. Naturally we all hope that that universe will be the championship one.

    Finally, I would take the Rose of last year as a basketball player, especially allowing for defensive improvement over the Ben Gordon of last year or any year.

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