Derrick Rose update [sort of]

Well I just returned from Bulls practice which was somewhat of a bust, because of a miscommunication there was no media session scheduled today as practice became a film session.   However, I did see James Johnson and Derrick Rose walk out of the building and both were walking normally without a limp (Johnson appeared to injury his ankle at the end of last night's game and Rose obviously has the Achilles thing).

I didn't notice Derrick wearing a walking boot, but I admit I didn't take a close look.  I figured it would have been obvious enough that I would have noticed it without trying to look, but I failed you in that area this time. 


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  • I am hearing from people who work close to the bulls that this injury is not serious.

  • The only thing that made me nervous was during the celebration after Johnson's shot in London, Rose can be seen in the background hopping on one foot. Probably not a big deal, but it made me uneasy.

  • it is preseason, no need to push it.

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