Chuck Swirsky interview the Bulls [some transcripts] has a ton of player video up about the Bulls trip to London.  I haven't watched them all yet, but I'll probably provide transcriptions if and wihen I get a chance to do so.  I can't link to the individual videos due to the annoying javascript setup, but you've got videos for Gar Forman, Vinny Del Negro, Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Brad Miller, and "the rookies".
Gar Forman transcription
London; tell me about the experience you've had as well as the players

I think it's been great for the players to have an opportunity to make this long trip and have an opportunity to bond with each other.   What's been special from our standpoint and the players standpoint is teh sponsers coming over with us.  The sponsers are enjoying and the players are enjoying it; interacting with them.  So it's good.  We had a great week of camp  The energy has been good.  The flow has been good.  We got our legs under us yesterday and had another great workout.

The NBA has really gone global.

It has.  Anybody who's been here knows the fans are very passionate about it.  I think it's great the NBA gets to come over here and play a couple games every year.

You scout a lot and have been to Europe many many times what is teh competition like in Europe

Better than people think.  The league in spain; really the whole Euroleague is excellent.  The players are very good and we've seen that with guys coming over to the NBA.  Kind of a different style of game, but the players are skilled and the coaching is very good.  European basketball continues to grow.

What do you think (of the Bulls this year)?

So far it's been encouraging.  We like our team.  We like the direction we're heading.  The energy in practice has been good.  We have a defensive emphasis.  The mentality on the defensive end, I think guys are buying in, they know we need to get better on that end of the floor.   I think we have more depth than we had a year ago which I think is encouraging.  We've seen growth from some of our younger players; Joakim, Derrick, and Taj has had a great camp and he showed some of that to us in Indiana.

Taj / James interview
London have you ever been here before?

James: No I haven't.  I went to the soccer game with Luol, actually Taj and I did.  It was a great experience, they had chants and songs, something I never experienced before

Taj: Guys had banners, so many different songs.  At USC we had a fight on song, maybe two or three different songs.  Here they had at least ten different songs.  For the away team, home team. People were really getting into it.  They got us into, and it was real welcoming.  I'm looking forward to seeing another soccer game.

You didn't see the white trojan horse

Taj:Nah, they didn't have a white horse, but they had a lizard with a jersey, but he kept the crowd into it.

What's the process of being a rookie; going through the process since you've been drafted up through training camp?

James: It's a learning experience. It's all mental.  All mental.  Everybody knows you have the physical skills to play here.  That's why you got drafted, but learning all the plays, know when to cut, know when to screen, it's a little different.

Taj: It's a learning process.  You have to dig in and ask the veterans: Tyrus, Brad Miller, all these guys have been helping me out, teaching me plays.  As a rookie you just have to learn.  Ask questions if you don't understand and be patient and your time will come.

Brad Miller
Is this your first trip to London?

No, I've been here once a long time ago, so second trip.

What made you come over here before, college or pro?

It was in college with Perdue.  We stayed about 45 minutes away but stayed a couple days around time.

What's it like Brad for a player such as yourself to come here with an NBA team to play in London?

Tiring.  With the trave and time change so quick, but it's a great experience to help Luol.  He's over here for the Olympics to get some excitement about it coming up for 2012 and to market the Bulls and let people see us up here.

The Bulls really took off after the trade.  What did you extract from that playoff experience with Boston?

Confidence a lot.  Realizing it's the playoffs. It's a big stage.  Most of the guys have been in [the playoffs] minus Derrick, but realizing how close we were to moving on.  Just to learn that we could play with them and how close we were to moving on to the next round. Obviously home court's real big and that gives us a goal to shoot for next season.

Luol Deng
What's it like being back in London?

It's exciting.  Ii've been real busy.  I get to go home today; see the family.  I still can't believe it.  I'm home.  Just driving around with the team it's weird seeing places I go to that I grew up playing at.

Let's go into the background of how you came to London, when did you come here?

I moved here when I was 9.  I've lived here ever since.

What was the experience like living in London?

It was great. It's a great city.  A lot of different coaches.  For me just moving over here was great for my family.  It's a beautiful city. I'm glad everybody's here.  It's something that later on in your life you can say remember when we took a visit to London as a team.

The players are really supporting you, they say this is really about Luol, there's an NBA preseason game, but they're excited fory ou?

I'm really happy to be here.  I'm really happy for the people that are here who  helped me play basketball and watched me grow up playing basketball.  It's amazing that they get to see me playing in an NBA exhibition game in London where basketball isn't that popular.  But here we are in an NBA game and here's a kid that grew up in a Bulls jersey.  I'm excited they get to see that.

How are you feeling going into the season?

I'm feeling great.  I'm feeling great.  Everyday I'm getting better.  Two-a-day training camp was tough, especially coming back and not being able to do a lot of things.  I got beat up a bit in training camp.  Since we went one-a-days been feeling better, body's been feeling better, leg's been feeling better.

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