Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks 7:00pm CST on CSN

The Bulls and Bucks complete the 2nd game of a pre-season home and home against each other.   The Bucks dominated the jet-lagged Bulls in the Milwaukee version, and the teams square off again tonight.

The bad news is that you'll lose out on all the questions and interviews I had planned to do today at the game.   My four year old daughter is sick, and I had to go home instead of using the baby sitter.   The good news is that now you'll get me live blogging for the game instead (pending my daughter being healthy enough that I can watch it). 

As for the game, the things to watch for are similar to last game.   Tyrus and Rose will again miss the game which will put most of the emphasis on the rookies development, Joakim's development, Luol's health, and whether or not Byars has a chance to make the team.

I suppose we'll analyze Kirk, Salmons, Brad, and Pargo as well, but I don't think there's that much variance in what we can expect vs what we'll get that they require as much in depth analysis.  


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  • Are you going to be going to all of the Home games? That would be great for this blog!

  • In reply to souleater7:

    not that it's not great but it would be nice to get some one on the inside.

  • Wow you're an engineer? Props to you. Well it's nice to know you'll have some contact with the team I think thats great.

  • Noah stated that he has worked on that jump hook during the offseason. Any offense we can get from him is a bonus. Hey Doug I hope your youngest is feeling better.

  • Jennings is going to be good and have flashes of brilliance but I do see him driving a coach like Skiles nuts with his mistakes.

  • Two questions for you Doug. How would a lineup of Rose, Salmons, Tyrus, Gibson, Noah fare AND is there any chance the Bulls could deal Deng and Hinrich?

  • Joe Alexander has been a disaster so far.

  • I don't think so. but ok. Yeah they would put pressure on Salmons and Rose to take the scoring load but defensively thats kinda sick to think about. Fuck Rose and BG did all the scoring in the playoffs anyways. I'm sure Rose and Salmons could manage.

    What about trading Deng or Hinrich?

  • See I don't think either of them fit on this team.(Deng/Hinrich) Neither do anything well. Deng's offensive move is a college 3. Hinrich is just inconsistent with his shot. I think they are now expendable but the problem is they can't be moved due their (at least Deng's) hefty contracts.

  • I wouldn't say Deng is that great of a defender. I might even say he's kinda poor.

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