Bulls vs Wizards comment thread

As noted in the post below, the Bulls are short handed.   Not much to be said for this game, the primary thing to watch out for is James Johnson as he should get plenty of playing time.   Taj Gibson, Tyrus Thomas, and Joakim Noah will also be worth a look of course, but we've seen a lot more of them so far.


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  • BULLS:

    4/20 FG Shooting in the 1st Quarter
    16/41 FG Shooting at the Half


    How does Hunter look? Not that good. I wish Byars was healthy enough to play.


    Brad Miller - 9pts., 6asts., and 3rbs. at the half

    Tyrus Thomas - 12pts., 1ast. and 1rb. at the half

    Those two are carrying the Bulls, so far.

  • I'm sold, Tyrus Thomas has to come off the bench. Taj Gibson is stroking that jumper. We might be looking at our own David West.


    I was browsing the ESPN NBA website and they have Derrick Byars signing a 1-year deal with the Bulls for the minimum of $457,588 which comes with a trade restriction of 3 months.

  • he rich now.

  • Yes he is. You can't play in training camp/preseason if you aren't signed.

  • He's never going to be signed to a guaranteed one either. But he's signed. He's also damn close to actually getting some money out of us, because players get paid for their time spent on waivers. So if we don't want to pay him anything at all, he'll have to be cut tonight or tomorrow.

  • They get paid a small weekly stipend, not unlike the $106 daily food money that they get during the regular season. In Shirley's case, he had a $15,000 guaranteed to go to camp, and he got $9,000 of it up front.

  • I disagree, he missed too many jumpers. I'm not feeling Tyrus Thomas that much. Did you all see JJ get Arenas undershirt after the game lol!


    Derrick Byars - FINALLY got in the game, where he was 1 for 1 from the 3 point-line. He is signed to a 1-year deal with a trade restriction. Check ESPN.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    If the Bulls waive Byars tonight or tomorrow, will you still come around here?

  • In reply to MarkDeeks:

    Yep. I love you guys (especially when you are wrong)...hehe.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    We shall see.

    The smart move would be to keep him and let him develop under John Salmons and Kirk Hinrich.

    By the way, I came across the article today about Antonio Daniels.


    If I'm not mistaken, he makes the same amount of money as Jerome James. They are similar in age, contract, stats and minutes played. So my question is, "If Minnesota can waive Antonio Daniels, why can't the Bulls waive Jerome James?"

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    They bought out Antonio Daniels. Waiving him saved them some money. If Jerome James is willing to sacrifice some money, we'll waive him too. But he isn't. So we won't.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Why don't they just waive him anyway?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    What's the advantage to doing so?

  • wow. You never know with JJ. I want see him get more minutes. He can create shots for others very easily.

  • Yeah, Byars can ball. I think he should get more love on the floor with Rose. Salmons stops the ball too much. Plus, Byars is like a bigger version of BG7.

  • Doug and Mark,

    On the ESPN website, Derrick Byars' salary was listed as N/A the whole pre-season, until today. Now, they have him listed as signing a 1 year deal worth $457,588. Why would that be? Plus, he wasn't cut yesterday along with Chris Richard. I think he is making the team boys.

    Think about this. If he was gone after tonight, why would VDN wait until 2mins. to go to put him in the game when the Bulls are blowing out the Wizards by 25 points. Would he have given him more minutes? He didn't look like a guy getting cut either. He was standing up and cheering the team the whole night.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    That logic seems counterintuitive. If he was a part of the team going forward, as the last man on the roster, why wouldn't he be playing in the blowout? That's what last men are there for, and even then he couldn't get it. So if he's not even the last man on the roster, than can only mean one thing......

  • In reply to MarkDeeks:

    He was playing with a strained knee. Maybe that is why he got limited minutes. I just think if it was his last game with the Bulls they would have played him a ton of minutes. Why over-extend Lindsey Hunter like that?

  • In reply to MarkDeeks:

    To keep a roster spot open.

  • Nothing changed concerning his contract. ESPN just couldn't be arsed to update all their info for the 60 or so camp signings, 58 of whom aren't going to make their teams. So they waited until almost all the cuts were done before they did it.

  • In reply to MarkDeeks:

    Mark and Doug,

    If you remember, I told you that there was a picture of Kevin Love for the Derrick Byars' bio page on the Espn website. Well, on Friday that changed and for the first time his contract of $457,588 was listed. There was also a trade restriction of 3 months listed.

    That right there tells me that he was signed by the Bulls for the year.

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