Bulls @ Pacers live comment thread

I'll be blogging about the game as much as I can manage during my daughter's play date, keep your comments live below.

So far, I'm pretty psyched.  We'll see if it wears off after 10 minutes or not.


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  • Thank God for DT. I am working late so keep the updates coming.

  • Comcast Sports Net isn't working where I live!!!!! I can't watch and it's not on the radio

  • you think the defense is good, or the offenses are pretty bad this early on.

  • if we lose and continue to shoot this bad tonight expect BG fans to rant and rave.

  • This is a good early test for Johnson on the defencsive end.

  • I don't think Tyrus has learned anything since being drafted into the league.

  • Very impressed with Noah getting 9 rebounds in the first half.

    Most of Deng's production has come from the line, but I just want him to produce.

  • Rose looking good taking the ball to the basket so far. I do agree with King that they need to convert on those 3-on-1s, but it's the preseason. No big whoop.
    Tyrus going back to the locker room I see.

  • I'm watching the game on an internet feed and I see a tall bald guy taking a 15-foot baseline jumper. I had a terrible flashback of Drew Gooden, but it's Taj Gibson. I'm okay.

  • Yes, fortunately I am working. I have been awol for a while but trying to work my way back.
    BG's departure hurt me a lot more than I let on ha ha.

  • I'll pack Tyrus Thomas bags if he don't get it together. Taj looked like a prototypical 4/prototypical 3. He look good in all areas.

  • Thanks for the updates Doug.

  • I agree with you Doug that Tyrus played good. He made rotations that he wasn't making last year. Especially the play he got injured on. Salmons seemed to play more aggressive defense than last year. Let's not forget we weren't playing with 3 players in our rotation

  • Where can I watch the games online? I don't have CSN or CSN plus channel. I don't have Dish or Direct TV so I'm unable to get those channels. Kush77 where are you watching the game on an internet feed???

  • what cable provider do you have?

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