Bulls @ Bucks: 7:30 CST on WGN

The Bucks aren't a particularly interesting team to me.   Seeing how Brandon Jennings does vs Derrick Rose would have been exciting, except that Rose is going to miss the game.   Still, there are some interesting things to watch for in any preseason game.
Other things to watch for:

How does Noah contend with the bigger more physical Andrew Bogut?   We know one of Noah's largest weaknesses has been a lack of strength.   He has height, but not weight.  He's been lifting a lot this summer, and we'll get to see how he fairs against a bigger, physical, post up center.

Can Noah continue to use his speed to take opposing centers off the dribble and force them into fouling him?   He displayed this ability in London consistently.  He'll get another chance against Bogut.

How does James Johnson fit into the schemes without the ball in his hands, and do the Bulls get the ball in his hands more?   He struggled in game 1, but he had a great activity in game 2.  

Does Luol Deng's explosion look any better?   He had a great game in London, but he lacked explosiveness on two plays that should have been easy dunks where he held back and shot layups.

Can Taj Gibson keep up his high level of play?   After a great game 1, he had a solid game 2.  Taj looks like he can be a factor this season as a role player and needs to continue to play well.

Will Derrick Byars put forth another good game?   He's played well in both games so far, and the Bulls are probably at least considering keeping him on the roster.

Tyrus Thomas spent his first game shooting a lot of jumpers, but right before the concussion, he appeared to reign it in and start attacking the hoop.  Which Tyrus comes out in this game?

To whatever extent I can, I will attempt to live-blog, but given that it's my birthday, I may not watch the game until it's over.


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  • Doug,

    Happy Birthday.

    Go Bulls!!!

  • happy birthday keep bring the good word. Amen and god bless America and the nobel prize.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happi B-day Guy, and I think Tyrus won't get any better. He is, who he is.

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    I'd have to agree. tears

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    If Tyrus developed some type of craft like Jamison accomplished, then it would be a whole different story. All he depends on is predictable. He'll either shoot the jumper or drive vertically for a slam.

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Argentina!!

    GO BULLS!!!

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    Doug, do you know what the team record for worst shooting in a game is?

  • Well, I haven't been able to find it, but I did see that they shot 16.7% for a half once so I suppose the record's not in jeopardy at this point.

  • It'll be nice when we can watch Bulls basketball without having to watch Lindsey and Chris Richard.

  • I feel that way to start games - it wears off by the 4th quarter. Especially tonight. It's probably good in the long run to have a game like this now, but it's still no fun to watch!

    I'm hoping by game 6 or so Vinny's working on tightening up the lineup and mainly playing the rotation guys together. Guess that all depends on Derrick's achilles, though.

  • Doug,

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    As for the Bulls, I was kind of disappointed by the effort and energy of the veterans on the team. I don't know if it was a London hangover, but I don't think Noah, Salmons, Deng, Hinrich and Miller came ready to play tonight. In my opinion, there is NO EXCUSE for that. There is something called PROFESSIONALISM and they didn't show much of it tonight.

    On a brighter note, I thought the Johnson, Gibson and Byars all played well. Unfortunately, Johnson got a little out of control out there and coughed up 6 turnovers. Stacey King said it perfectly, "He needs to let the game come to him."

    Towards the end of the game, it would have been nice to see Johnson pass the ball sooner to an open Byars for another 3-pt. shot before getting called for a charge. Byars happened to make that shot anyway. That would have given him 12 points on 3/3 shooting from 3pt-land, instead of just having 9 points on 3/6 FG shooting. Either way, I still think Derrick Byars is doing enough to make the Bulls roster.

    Lastly, 27 turnovers is simply PATHETIC. That is UNACCEPTABLE and they need to focus their attention on getting that problem under control before the season starts.

  • By the way, I don't know what game you were watching, but Derrick Byars didn't have a bad game at all.

    He had two bad plays. He was late getting through a screen and ended up fouling a guy on a made shot. He also made a nice steal, but botched the breakaway. Outside of that, he was solid out there. He played better than Salmons or Deng, that's for sure.

    You need to call things a little bit more fairly. How about some honest criticism for your boy Johnson? He wasn't all that great tonight. He put up nice numbers in the box score, but he was OUT OF CONTROL and OUT OF POSITION all night long. I guess that RUNAWAY TRAIN (aka - James Johnson) was moving too fast for you...haha.

  • Doug,

    This is the comment I didn't like and thought should have been directed elsewhere.

    "While Byars looks okay in the box score, or at least no worse than anyone else, he's played pretty poorly this game. He's always hustling, but he's had several lapses on both ends."

    I didn't think he played poorly at all. He wasn't perfect out there, but what he always seems to bring to the court, along with his hustle, is the ability to make the SIMPLE FUNDAMENTAL PLAY. He takes the open shot and doesn't force it. He makes the easy pass and doesn't try to do too much with it. He's mature and fundamentally sound.

    The Box Score only showed him with 1 assist (a very nice pass to Pargo for a cutting layup), but he also set up Gibson for a shooting foul and Johnson for two shooting fouls. All in all, he had a hand in 17 Bulls points (9 that he scored himself and 8 coming from shooting fouls or assists to other players on the team).

    I know you really like James Johnson, but I thought that comment you made about Derrick Byars should have been directed at James Johnson. His Box Score looked good, but he played OUT OF CONTROL and OUT OF POSITION the whole night.

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