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The first ask KC of the season, always a great read:

I particularly love this (partial) answer, given that I've taken plenty of crap for saying something quite similar:

Gordon is a special scorer and I've been accused of serving as
president of his fan club. I'm as curious as anyone to see how the
Bulls fare without him. As for Gordon's defense, I nominate Derrick
Rose's as worse, at least last season. Rose appears much more committed
at that end this season and also surely has the athleticism and size
eventually to become a strong defender.

The whole column is worth a read, plenty of questions and answers about everything you can think of related to the team.  

How many games into the season before Luol Deng goes down to
injury? Do you seriously believe the smoke screen and blarney that Gar
and front office throw out about the Bulls not being hurt in the loss
of Gordon? Most NBA commentators are appalled at the Bulls not making
any moves in the offseason. The word on the street is that Reinsdorf is
paralyzing the franchise (no personnel moves with financial
implications) over concerns with the economy and a couple of their
long-term contract commitments. Can you confirm that? Thank you. Padres
-- Warren Cromartie.

I can't because it's not true. As for Deng, he's had tough-luck
injuries. If he's healthy this year, I suspect he'll return to form.

I found this question and answer particularly interesting in wondering which part of the question he said isn't true unless the whole thing.   However, the franchise seems paralyzed for this year, not just due to Reinsdorf but also to keep the 2010 cap space available.

I don't recall Forman ever saying Gordon's loss wouldn't hurt them.  He's always said they like their guard rotation of Rose, Salmons, and Hinrich.  It's hard to argue with that if they're healthy.


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  • Well we are paralyzed long term but not for the fact we won't take on any long term deals. It is really the opposite. We are paralyzed long term because of the long term deals we have already given and refuse to move. As long as we commit $20 Million a year to kirk and deng, this team will never be more than a first or second round loser. We will be handicapped by the LT and unable to truly compete unless Rose can become a top 5 player.

  • Well, for what it is worth, Hollinger(ESPN stat geek) just posted his projected PER rankings for the upcoming season.

    The highest rated Bull from last season is Tyrus Thomas(70 something). Gordon is ranked #81 which in a 32 team league makes him the highest rated player in the bottom half of the league(160 starters). and PER does not make any adjustment for defense, even that absolute retard JR Smith is rated significantly ahead of Gordon.

    While I am not a fan of PER or stat geeks in general, as a general view of the league it does nothing to support the notion that Gordon is a special player, you simply cannot ignore a players flaws, especially when he is 90% flaws when evaluating his worth to a team.

    The Bulls will be flat out better this season in every way, and Gordons absence will be a major reason.

    Gordon is nothing more than the guy who throws 100 mph but can't get the ball over the plate, or the guy who hits the ball 500 feet everytime that he makes contact, but can't hit a curveball or offspeed pitch. He has one single special ability(overated by most) but is not even remotely a special player.

    By the way I do not find KC to be a particularly astute observer of the game, very much a mediocre PC "play it safe" reporter.

  • Gordon is gone, whether you like him or not he could create his own shot and he wasn't afraid to go to the rim. Gordon drew defenders and he took the heat off his team mates. Paxson got nothing for Gordon. Defense, is Rose any better than Gordon??????

    Rose and Salmons may score more and along with Deng they
    may make up for Gordon's points.

    The problem is no one knows if Deng will last a full season, his track record says NO! On top of that will he fit into Vinnie's offense? Deng will never be an all star and he gets big money which he has not earned. Will he last long enough this year to keep Paxson from looking like a bigger fool??

    Rose,Salmons and Hinrich will not really not scare any one. Hinrich is an over paid over rated slow backup, his skills are fading and the NBA has his number and he is untradeable!

    Noah is a joke and a weakling! We have already seen what this clown can do an it is not getting any better.
    Doug can do the PR for this Bozo but it doesn't make the Bulls or No-Shot Noah any better.

    Miller is dependable, Thomas is still undependable but he must turn the corner or jump into the dumpster. Gibson and Johnson bring hope and they have skills but they are rookies.

    The Bulls will be very lucky to win 40!

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