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I've started to do a pseudo mail-bag, instead of having you email me, you can ask questions in this free forum topic which I'll answer (to the best of my ability) every day.

Also, if you have (reasonable) questions you're interested in finding out from players, you can place those here, and I'll ask the good ones to the guys as I see them at practice and games.



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  • Good idea Doug. I wonder how likely you think it is that if a star player whos contract extends beyond 2010 becomes available via trade in February 2010 that the Bulls would make an attempt to acquire him? Names that come to mind include David West, Elton Brand, Antawn Jamison, Andrew Bogut, Nene', Al Jefferson, and Andrew Bynum.

  • So Doug as you of the opinion that the Bulls don't use their expirings in a February trade but instead let them expire and try to sign someone in the summer? I guess it is possible that they make some kind of February deal for a 2010 guy in the hopes that will give them the inside track to them?

  • Why are horses bigger than mice?

  • Doug, Jefferson is really the only name that immediately comes to mind that fits that criteria. I guess if Wolves think Jefferson and Love can't exist maybe we can put something together. Two deals come to mind, one is Noah, Johnson, Salmons and James for Jefferson, Gomes and Pavlovic; the other is Noah, Thomas, Salmons and James for Jefferson, Pavlovic, Hollins and Wilkins? Either one make any sense?

  • Who are the "Go to guys" at the end of the game. Without gordon, it seems like it's now fair game between Rose and John Salmons,anyone else you think could be a go to guy?

  • Do you think John Salmsons "anything less then 4th place in the east would be a dissapointment" is too high expectations? I personally don't think it's too high hopes, but I like to have my hopes lower so im never that i look at our roster, with tyrus beefing up, taj gibson playing great, johnson has a great attitude and has hit some clutch shots, loul deng looking to make a full recovery and stay healthy might not be so impossible, along with an improved rose on defense atleast, I really think we can only get better (barring injuries) Gordon played a position that was replaced easily because of our excess shooters, Our defense should improve dramatically, atleast be more consistant because our team has stable attitudes and better work ethic. IDK maybe im being too positive but it seems were in for a good season eh? what do you think.....

  • I asked this before and it wasn't answered so I'm just gonna copy and paste, and plagiarize myself.

    What about the reffing? And more importantly, how it will affect Rose this year? I thought the best thing about Bulls making the playoffs last year was for Rose's recognition, thus finally getting the calls he deserves. The replacement refs also have the tendency to make too many calls instead of letting the players play through the not so important penalties. Keeping momentum is gonna be very difficult this year for every team, especially the teams with an up tempo offense. One good thing would be that the game may be even. The veteran players may get caught more often. Lebron with his crab dribble, Wade with his tendency to walk a little and Iverson with hes push off and leaning into contact. That aspect might make the game more fair. but other than that, id like the NBA to pony up and pay the good refs. I'm gamma be P Oed if i don't see Dick Bavetta out there this year.

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    And what do the players think of the replacement refs, especially John Salmons. (During Saturdays game) I could have sworn I saw him dribble the ball off his defender's foot and the ref called it out on Salmons. Then I seemed to be reacting the same way as him, in utter disbelief turning around quite a bit, complaining to the ref that wasn't hearing it. (I complained to the ref though I doubt he heard me, seeing as that he was in Green Bay and I was on the south side of Chicago)

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Doug what do you think about these 2 deals in conjuction with one another, Hinrich and Jerome James for Elton Brand and then turn around and send Tyrus Thomas to Golden State for CJ Watson and Kelenna Azubuike?

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Tyrus and Taj

    Just guessing, I'd theorize the Chicago Bulls plans for using Taj to motivate Tyrus are progressing nicely.

    Taj is establishing a pre-season trend for consistency. Establishing a regular season trend for consistency is next.

    For me, Tyrus is the most spectacularly inconsistent player on the Bulls. One game, he's just outrageously good. The next one or two games he's average at best.

    I don't know the condition of Tyrus's bruised hip. But I suggest Tyrus purchase a box of Ben-Gay, slap it on, and show Taj what a 4th year power forward looks like.

    But like I said, I think Taj will push Tyrus at the power forward spot this year. And that's exactly what I believe the Chicago Bulls wanted to do for that position.

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:


    Here's an interesting TRADE idea worth debating.

    To Bulls: Leondro Barbosa and Robin Lopez
    To Memphis: Tyrus Thomas and Jerome James
    To Phoenix: Marc Gasol and Marko Jaric

    Now, why does this work?

    Tyrus Thomas' time in Chicago could be running out. Plus, the Bulls could use another scorer on their team do to the loss of BG7. With Brad Miller getting older, it wouldn't hurt to get another young Center as well. Memphis just drafted Hasheem Thabeet to play Center, which I believe makes Marc Gasol expendable. Also, they clearly would like to get rid of Marko Jaric's contract. Phoenix is shopping for another big-man and it doesn't seem like they are all that happy with Robin Lopez. Leondro Barbosa is the best trading chip Phoenix has. All and all, I think this deal could make sense for each team involved.


  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Doug, what do you think about Luis Scola, I know he is restricted but could we make a play for him? What would Houston match? 4 yrs/$36 million?

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