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Ask all your questions related to the Bulls, the upcoming season, or any other topic you care to get my opinion on below in the comment boxes.

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  • How tragic is the Taj Gibson for Dejuan Blair oversight looking? I like Taj...but it looks like a bunch of GM's screwed the pooch on this one.

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    ignore this one...I saw you answered before and I didn't see it.


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    OK...THIS is my question...

    out of the Bulls you've associated Tyrus the only one that displays the "surly, mistrust the media" persona? I swear...for all the talent this kid has...he comes off as a bit of a head case!

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    Doug, remember me, I wanted BJ Mullens at the 16th pick, instead we got the SF version of Thabo Sefelosha, good move?

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    Who in your opinion has the best chance of being with the team next season?

    None of the above

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    What's the story on the sinking pylon avatar? Is there a joke I'm not in on?

  • What's even worse about that is they play mostly on the road in the 2nd game of those back-to-backs.

  • Doug you keep saying you believe in James Johnson's the Bulls? If they watched him in college at all, they would know he's not a 'hang out on the perimiter, space the floor' type of player. He's most effective with the ball in his hands, both as a scorer and a distributor. Obviously Rose will have the ball a majority of the time, but why not at least ATTEMPT to use Johnson's strengths in the pre-season, and see what he's got? I found it alarmingly stupid that when Rose, Hinrich, and Pargo were all out in the last game they had Hunter and Salmons run the point. While Salmons did a decent job, he was obviously out of position. Johnson, while not the primary playmaker on the team, should certainly have seen some time with the ball in his hands when your 1,2,3 point gaurds are out. If not, why did you draft him?

    If you're the Bulls, you drafted this guy 16 overall - a guy many believe to be the most versatile talent in the draft. So why not let him be a creator ocassionally? Running to a spot on the floor each trip down is not his game - he's not Luol Deng. They let Johnson run free in summer league, and he had one of the most impressive all-around camps of anyone on any team. Then when pre-season comes around, they use him completely differently.

    The Bulls desperately needed someone who can create for others, beyond Derrick Rose. Then they drafted someone. And now they are stifling his ability to do so? What gives? I hope you have some insight into this, because it is beyond frustrating to watch at this point.

  • Doug and Mark,

    Wikipedia thinks Derrick Byars has made the Bulls roster.

    "Byars was invited to the Chicago Bulls training camp in 2009 and has made the opening night roster for the '09-10 season."

    I'll brag tomorrow, if this turns out to be true, since I told you guys on Friday that he made the team. Maybe, I should be your new Bulls Insider...haha.

  • Doug,

    I sent out an email to Chuck Swirsky and Sam Smith to try to find out as well. I think it would be a strong move by the Bulls organization, if they decided to keep him. He definitely did enough in the pre-season to make the team.

    If I hear something sooner, I'll let you know.

  • Doug,

    I know has been up and practicing again. Is there any word on whether or not he will be limited in the opener vs the Spurs?

  • Doug
    Do you see Tyrus really putting it together this season because he is finally motivated? I am not saying he is motivated by the fact that he will be RFA after the season but motivated by the fact that a rookie has come into camp and preseason and totally impressed (Taj). I think Tyrus saw this as a wake up call that he needs to play hard if he wants to get the majority of the minutes at PF. Would you agree? Also what do you think the loss of Del Harris does to us? do you think we will miss him on the defensive end? Also which free agent invitee in recent years has been more hyped up? Gardner, Basden, or Byars? lmao

  • I know Rose*

  • FYI:

  • Doug question on Pargo for you. Dont you think we could have gotten a better player than him as our 4th guard? Didnt guys like Flip Murray, Karren Rush, and Keith Bogans all get the same amount that Pargo did and all signed after him? I believe they all got under 2 mil.

  • Doug do you have season tickets or are you getting in every game with a media pass?

  • Next topic, Doug. You seemed concerned about Rose's injury. But, I wonder if Rose being out this season may be a good thing? They could end up with a high draft pick in what is supposed to be a good draft. Maybe they get 1 superstar there. Rose comes back and they have 2 superstars. Finally, if they can get 1 great free agent who sees how good the Bulls will be with Rose coming back, maybe they get a third superstar. Remember this formula worked for the Spurs when David Robinson was hurt and the Spurs got Tim Duncan in the draft. I am not saying that I want it to work out this way. I am just saying it may ultimately work out well for the Bulls.


    Did you see this article?

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