Are the Bulls bringing Sexy back tonight?


The biggest question in tonight's preseason game against the Washington Wizards is not who wins or loses.   It's not any particular matchup.   It's whether Derrick Rose, "What's Sexy Now" Nominee, plays in the game.

For his part, Rose had to beg just to practice.

"(Wednesday) I ran a little bit. When I woke up this morning, it wasn't
that sore and I told them I wanted to practice. At first, they told me
not to practice and just run. But I told them I wanted to get out
there. I didn't get hurt. It felt good."

Now he's begging to play.

"I asked them if could I get some minutes, at least one or two or something, just get the feel for the game," Rose said. "They said they'll see. They say if I get injured during that game, I wouldn't be able to play Thursday for the (season) opener, so they're real concerned with my injury."

Fans certainly want to see Derrick play, and the Bulls could really use some time playing with him in an actual game to gain some continuity. However, at this point, there simply isn't enough time to gain much continuity especially given the Bulls are unlikely to play him many minutes after not even letting him go a full practice.

Overly cautious? Perhaps. However, when the gain is minimal and the risk is large who can blame them?  It's easy to get nervous about Rose's achilles when he hasn't played for so long.  Simply put, fans want reassurance that Rose is okay.  We'll all have a case of nerves over his injury until he plays for 35 minutes and declares himself fine the next day, but that simply isn't enough reason to play him.

So tonight, when I waste a Friday evening watching a Bulls preseason game, I expect the highlight to be the microphone actually picking up the sound of Lindsay Hunter's bones creaking up and down the court.


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  • Hold him out and let him play in the season opener. Also is it weird that i am not sure which i would choose if I had the choice of the autograph Rose ball or 5 minutes with Marissa?

  • Bulls just must be afraid of a season like 1985-86. Jordon's 2nd year where injury limited him to just 18 games.

  • RE the picture: would you do one of those two just to get to the other, and if so, which would be the hardship?

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