White Sox lots of money spent, not so good.

So the Bulls are out there cautiously avoiding the luxury tax while generating massive profits every year while the White Sox are throwing money around willy-nilly trying to get up to .500.  I wrote two articles on massive expenditures of the White Sox this year on Peavy and Rios and was met with criticism over how baseball economics are different, and how the Sox aren't done yet.
Well the Sox sure look done now don't they?   They're not technically eliminated, but they gave up some time ago and are far enough back that they're all but eliminated.   They're presently three games under .500.   While the argument about economics in baseball is still up for debate, the argument over whether spending money on these moves helped this season is not.

I'm not sure how real White Sox fans feel about the moves either.   Clearly Rios looks like a mistake of mammoth proportions, but there's still at least some hope that Peavy comes back next season to help the team even if he didn't provide a boost now.

Still, if the Bulls are sitting at 20-23 later in the season and have a chance to trade for Amare Stoudemire or Chris Bosh in a trade that pushes them over the luxury tax limit and gives up the Jerome James contract which should be covered by insurance the rest of the season will they do it?   The basketball people will want to, but will the business people allow them to?

I hope so.   I think so.   I don't know if I could accept being a Bulls fan if the answer is no, but there are doubts lingering.  Not about Gar Forman or John Paxson, I've respected the job the two of them have done as a combination in the draft and trade department.  In fact, I think they've been excellent in both areas.   It's on the business side that things have been worrisome.

Contract negotiations and the ability to spend money have been the two areas which seem to have tripped up the Bulls the most in the recent past, and while Paxson/Forman have had their struggles  with negotiations.  Reinsdorf certainly isn't solely to blame, but his fingerprints have been on the biggest failures in terms of extensions/free agency (Ben Gordon leaving, Luol Deng getting overpaid, and Ben Wallace coming). 

Those two factors, contract negotiations and willingness to spend money are at the forefront of whether the Bulls become a contender or get locked into the good team state.   They need to convince someone to come, they need to be willing to spend the money, and they need to continue to spend afterwards, into the luxury tax, to win that title.

The Bulls have generated 10x the profits of the White Sox in the past decade, and in this recessionary environment, the teams willing to spend in basketball will have opportunities to hoard talent like rarely seen before.  The next few seasons, prior to a larger economic recovery, represent the Bulls best time to strike.   Hopefully, they're willing to spend the money.   They've earned it.


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  • Diminishing marginal utility

    If Jerry Reinsdorf spends more money on the Chicago Bulls, will he make more money? I don't think so. But you know their finances better than I do Doug.

    OK, if owning the Chicago Bulls isn't about making additional profits, then why would Jerry Reinsdorf invest more in the Chicago Bulls? What pleasure does a 7th Bulls Championship bring Jerry Reinsdorf? I'm sure he'd enjoy it, but not be willing to take huge losses for the pleasure of a championship.

    So that brings us to Jerry Reinsdorf spending money on the Chicago White Sox. If he has a better team, will it increase attendance and profits? I believe the answer is yes. Haven't White Sox management been complaining about attendance at the ball park?

    So increased investments may bring better attendance and improved profits (if contracts and other costs are reasonable). Also, what would Jerry Reinsdorf like more, profits being equal (profits are not equal).

    Would Jerry prefer a 7th Bulls ring or a 2nd White Sox ring? I don't know Jerry Reinsdorf but I suspect the answer is...

    Go White Sox.

    I don't expect Jerry Reinsdorf to be bold in the area of the Chicago Bulls for 2009 or 2010. They are very profitable and he has 6 championships already.

    Jerry's profits and pleasure come from the White Sox.

    So there's my two coffee cup comment on diminishing marginal utility for Jerry Reinsdorf.

  • Gordon, Deng, Wallace are big mistakes, if Deng is healthy he may be a contributor again but his track record says that he is fragile and will not play a full season. The Bulls still have not declared him healthy!!!! Can Thomas and the rookies Johnson and Gibson take Deng's place let's hope so!

    How can you talk about big mistakes with out including the grossly over paid Capt Clank off the rim Hinrich, the slow circle dribbling clock eater whose net asstists for last year were 2.2 per game. Yeah, yeah, he plays defense, considering that he kills the attack when he on the court this career inconsistent streak shooter should be glued to the end of the bench. There is not a GM in the NBA that would trade for this over priced attack killer.

    If the lazy,weak and winded No-Shot Noah surprises everyone and puts on some muscle and gets in shape he may not get pushed around like a Florida Fairy from Disney land. It is fun to watch him attempt to shoot but it is also very pathetic!!!!!! Wishing and hoping that this Bozo is a starter is another big mistake!

  • No-Shot Noah is not a NBA starter-he makes Ben Wallace look like Pistol Pete Maravich. Why put 1/3 of a player into the starting line up. On the current Bull's team, they need more than a rebounder at center. This team can not afford to have another Rodman, actually that is an insult to Rodman who was always in shape and ready to rumble!!

    In the last playoff game Joakim scored 2 points from the floor! Two points----Two Points!!!! Did you catch that? Two Points.

    Will Joakim take the first half of the season off again? Too weak and winded to run the court? Doug stop it! No-Shot is a bench player not a starter!

    If you are----wishing and hoping, lets hope that Thomas,
    Johnson and Gibson force the Bulls to bench No-Shot Noah permanently!

    Enough words have been wasted on Capt.Clank Hinrich, the NBA has turned him into a very high priced role player. His streak shooting and low assist totals will suffer some more coming off the bench.

  • Good comparison! No-Shot No-Offense Noah to Ben Wallace. Why did you bother??? Both of these guys are not NBA starters. Wallace started for a potent offensive Piston team , he was their Rodman. Exactly how does the current Bulls team rate offensively, can they afford to put the pathetic Joakim on the floor.

    Give us the stats on Joakim when this lazy player was too winded to run the floor. How many times did this weakling play 36 minutes?

    Using stats out of context is your lame attempt to blow smoke up everyone's rear. Again, TWO POINTS--- 2 POINTS from the floor in the last playoff game is a joke.

    Maybe Johnson & Gibson can push Thomas to wake up and the three of them plus Miller can push the lazy Joakim to the bench where he belongs!

  • Tyrus,according to all reports he works hard to improve with his own trainer. Playing one year in college, he did not come in as a mature player and he may never reach his potential. If he doesn't
    pull it off in his last year he will be gone.

    No-Shot gets pushed around under the basket and the Celts out scored the Bulls 46 to 18 in the paint while the Celt's best scorer did not play one second because of injuries.

    No-Shot Noah came in as a mature player.
    He has NO offense skills and he is lazy!

    TWO POINTS from the floor in the last playoff means that he was blocked out by shorter and stronger players.

    Will Joakin the clown work to get better, I doubt it!! Can you imagine that Noah came to camp in his second year out of shape, winded, weak and very immature.

    Did you see Davis & Perkins get in to position in the paint and push Noah out of the way in the last playoff.

    Give us the stats for how many points Joakim gave up in the paint-------That is the real story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, Tyrus is "very" disappointing and Davis played hard and had good success throughout the playoffs. He has a coming out during the playoffs, no thought he would play that good!

    No-Shot Noah does not have any skills except for being tall. The Bulls can not afford to put this offensive liability on the court.

    Noah is not a starter and his track record says he is weak, lazy and winded. Throughout the season he struggled to put back point blank shots, we all saw this time and again. He gets pushed around !!!!!

    What don't you understand about TWO (2)POINTS from the floor???

  • You don't think No-Shot Noah will be a star??? This is a joke! This Bozo is hopeless!!!!!

    Let me point this out to you again, TWO (2) POINTS from the floor in a deciding playoff game.
    Along with being weak and winded an unable to run the floor. Noah has absolutely no offensive skills. Throw in the fact that he is as good as he will ever get and he belongs on the bench-glued to it.

    If Vinnie the trainee gives Joakim's minutes
    to Miller, Thomas, Johnson and Gibson the Bulls will be a better team. There is hope with these guys Noah is a joke!

    What don't you under about TWO (2) POINTS from the floor?????? Do you know what weak and winded means???? Do you like to see the Celts out score the Bulls 46-18 in the paint???? No-Shot Noah could not hold his position under the rim if his life depended on it.

    Stop the BULLS PR and I will stop repeating the facts!

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