Vinny Del Negro interview after the first two-a-day

The NBA is back.   At least for the players, who have a week full of two-a-days.   Vinny Del Negro was nice enough to give me a few moments of his time after the evening practice of the first two-a-day.
How was it getting through your first two-a-day?

I thought the guys put in some good effort today.  Obviously it's very early, we're just getting started.  The guys were in good condition, it was good to get to get some of the guys who've been injured out here.  Lots of positive signs today, but just the first steps with a long way to go.

I saw Luol out here, did he make it through both practice sessions?

Yeah, he looked good.  He's totally healthy and playing.  Obviously, he makes a big difference when he's out there.  

Defense is one of the big themes reiterated by everyone at media day, what specifically are you doing to encourage better defensive play this year?

You got to just drill it.  Get better at it.  Practicing with a lot of young players, you got to keep working with them, get it ingrained in them.  I was pleased with our first day, still a long way to go but progress was made.

You have a limited number of practice hours available set by league rules, would you say more hours will be spent practicing defense this year relative to last year?

No, I don't think so.  I just think we're going to have more accountability and attention to detail.  We have things to go off from last year and have familiarity with everything this year which helps us spend more time on things we need improvement on.

Any major changes to the schemes on offense or defense or will it be pretty much the same playbook?

I wouldn't say the same playbook. There will be adjustments in certain areas, but the foundation we started last year and a lot of things we worked on we'll use again.

How's Derrick Rose look this year?  What will he show fans and the team this year?

He's a great kid and he worked hard. He's getting better and better, he'll improve in a lot of different areas and continue to improve for a long time.

He's shooting 3s now, are we going to see him shoot more threes this year?

Well if they go in, yeah.  He's working on it, and in order to get better you have to put the time in, and he's been doing that.

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