Of all the Jordan HOF articles, I like this one best

Is the hall all there is for Jordan?

Sorry, but the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield,
Mass., can't be the highest honor for Michael Jordan, not when his
image will rest in a room for eternity with mere mortals.

Unless they rename the sport after him, there's really
nothing meaningful enough, and so you'll forgive me for lacking
interest in this induction exercise, a yawn, the equivalent of Babe
Ruth or Wayne Gretzky getting a call to the Hall.

Jordan was the NBA, and he remains the standard, and anything short of Jordan fails to move emotion.

The Hall of Fame is for "ordinary" legends, the
superstars of superstars, the Magics and Oscars, the Kareems and Wilts,
the Docs and Icemen.

Michael Jordan stood so far above them all, if you'll
forgive such sacrilege, that it's just not tribute enough for The
Greatest Who Ever Lived.

I've been accused for not loving Jordan enough.   In some ways it's true.  Jordan no longer moves me much.  I just can't relive memories a decade ago and feel the same emotional stir that I would have back in the day.

However, that's separate from my view of his greatness.  Rozner sums it up well in the quoted paragraph.  There's the all time greats, and then there is Michael Jordan.  The gap between him and the second best player is so huge it's unfathomable.  

There's a larger gap between Jordan and whomever you feel is the second best player in the history of the league than the 2nd and 20th best player.   Maybe than between the 2nd and 30th best.  

That may be why the HOF news is so uninteresting to me, why I can't bring myself to read all the stories.  It's simply so obvious that he belongs that it doesn't require any reflection.   If a Hall of Jordan was created the day Jordan retired, it might have gotten more visitors than the actual Hall of Fame over the past 10 years. 

He simply transcends the sport, to not just be the best ever at basketball, but his skill in his specialty rivals that of any person's skill in their specialty anywhere.  He's a champion of champions.  

Make no mistake, I fully believe in his greatness as a player, but you can only reminisce for so long.


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  • The only thing I've been curious about is whether his induction was unanimous? I've never heard either way, I don't think they release that info. The reason I'm curious is if someone didn't vote him in, all their voting privileges should be revoked and assuming they are a writer, their writing privileges revoked as well.

  • I think it's trendy for Bloggers to.. how do I say, wanna ''move past'' MJ or be unmoved by the past and MJ and all the hype this week.

    Thats cool. Matt is like that too. It's the past.

    I personally will never forget MJ and every time I see him in a Bulls jersey it makes me smile. I don't get tired of it. I don't think I ever will. Maybe I was just born at the right time where MJ was larger than life and I was an impressionable kid.

    I have seen so many videos of MJ this week that maybe I forgot or never saw mostly when MJ was younger and not yet a champion.

    But what happens when I see MJ is that I think of some of the greatest times in my life. I think maybe I was watching that game that night and not doing my homework. Maybe I was at the YMCA playing ball against guys twice my age. Maybe my brother was beating me up. Maybe I was making out with one of my sister's friends... just kidding.

    I'll never forget the joy he brought to my life and those summers in the 1990's I will never ever forget because they were the best times of my life.

    Anyone who has to think if he's the greatest or tell me why he was the greatest is frankly insulting me. The world watched it. He's the GOAT. Those days will never return. So I choose to celebrate him and the future of the Bulls.

    The fact that he's sharing a room with other HOF'ers is wrong. He is and was basketball.

  • I'm not necessarily saying, but I'm just saying...

    Wilt Chamberlain:

    Rookie year 59-60: 37.6 PPG / 27.0 RPG
    60-61: 38.4 / 27.2
    61-62: 50.4 / 25.7
    62-63: 44.8 / 24.3

    I wish I had the privilege of being able to see greats such as Chamberlain. While I'm unable to truly judge his or many others' greatness because I was unable to see them play in each's respective era, there's no denying those numbers. Good lord, 50ppg for an entire season? 25+ rpg?!?!?!?! I know that Chamberlain was a physical freak for his day but Shaq (similarly) hasn't even come close to compiling stats like that. I'm not saying he was better than Jordan but I don't believe that the disparity between Jordan and the rest is as great as everyone seems to think.

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