LeBron tells a fan he's staying in Cleveland


For a few die-hards, it was a chance to deliver a message to
James, who can become a free agent next summer. The Cavaliers offered
James a contract extension this summer, but the 24-year-old has not yet
signed it, saying he wants to keep his options open for the future, a
stance that has some Cleveland fans worried he'll go to another team.

"Don't leave us, man," one fan said as James scrawled his name.

"I ain't leaving," James said, smiling.

I wonder what it's like to be LeBron James and have to deal with that type of pressure everytime he appears anywhere.    Clearly, he's not signing the extension now, so he actually may go.   Clearly, he's not going to worry about whether this fan feels like LeBron was being dishonest to him.

If he had made up his mind he wouldn't tell a fan at Borders, he'd call a press conference or at least leak it through some ESPN flunkie for a real story.  At least that's how I read it.

I do think LeBron most likely ends up in Cleveland.   There's probably a 60% chance in my mind that he stays there with the remaining 40% being spread among 5-6 other teams.  Still, I'll take a 10% chance to swipe LeBron anyday.


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  • I think Lebron is committed to Cleveland, and wants to let the fans know it, but doesn't want to make any public commitment to keep some pressure on the Cleveland front office to get them to keep spending money.

    I think it's the same thing with Wade. Him and Lebron are just doing a dance. They only reason they aren't signing extensions now is because they both want 6 years of the max under the current CBA, than 5, as the next CBA is expected to be less favorable to player contracts.

    I think that Lebron, in terms of winning, should bolt to Miami, and play with Wade/Beasley. They will become a Celtics like dynasty with a core of those three players. But I'm not so sure he leaves Cleveland for Miami, because it might shut the book on him becoming the GOAT. If he starts a dynasty in Cleveland, he can be the GOAT (or even if he comes to Chicago/New York). If he goes to Miami and plays with 2 other superstar talents, he won't really be seen as the GOAT, because for every championship he'll win, he will have two other superstars lacing it up with him.

  • Michael Beasley averaged 20/8 last year per 36. I think Beasley is still every much of a superstar talent as Derrick Rose. I think if there was a role reversal, and Rose was on Miami and treated like Beasley (the idiotic benchings) and Beasley was on the Bulls, with free reign to play 36 minutes a game, that Beasley would have been the ROY. (And if they were both in the same situation, it would have been a neck and neck race for ROY).

    I think it should be put out there, that Michael Beasley had a better rookie season than Chris Bosh. Bosh only averaged 11.5 points (on a lower efficiency than Beasley) and 7.4 RPG in a steady 33.5 MPG.

    In games where Beasley played more than 30 minutes, he averaged 19.5 PPG on 54.5 TS% and 7.7 RPG.

    I think Beasley is still very much a superstar talent, and that Spoelstra's handling of Beasley last year was atrocious.

  • The games where Beasley played above 30 mins would likely be games he was playing well. I thought he had a good rookie season but he's not at the same level as Rose

  • In reply to dperrozzi:

    There were PLENTY of games where Beasley played well and didn't get over 30 minutes a game.

    A few examples:

    17 PTS 9 Rebs in 27 min against Sacramento.
    17 PTS 6 Rebs in 28 min against Indiana.
    24 Pts 5 Rebs in 27 min against the Clippers.
    19 Pts 6 Rebs in 24 min against the Warriors.
    20 pts 8 rebs in 24 min against Memphis.
    15 pts 12 rebs in 29 min against the Spurs.
    23 pts 5 rebs in 21 min against the Lakers.
    21 pts 4 rebs in 28 min against Milwaukee.
    16 pts 7 rebs in 27 min against Washington.
    18 pts 10 rebs in 26 min against Dallas.
    18 pts 7 rebs in 22 min against the Clippers.
    23 pts 5 rebs in 24 min against the Hawks.
    28 pts 9 rebs in 26 min against the Suns.
    17 pts 5 rebs in 24 min against Cleveland.
    17 pts 4 rebs in 25 min against New Jersey.
    17 pts 9 reb in 26 min against Memphis.
    17 pts 4 reb in 27 min against Dallas.
    23 pts 13 reb in 24 min against Atlanta.
    22 pts 5 rebs in 18 min against Detroit.
    18 pts 5 rebs in 24 min against Atlanta in the playoffs.

    When Beasley got minutes, he played well. When Beasley was jagged around, he struggled.

    You would think the guy sucks based on the way people talk about him, but he was actually quite impressive his rookie season.

    Heat would have won a lot more games if Spoelstra just played Beasley like we played Rose. Beasley's a legit talent.

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