John Salmons media day interview and impressions

I caught up with John Salmons at media day and discussed his recovery from the groin injury as well as his shift from SF to SG this season for the Bulls.
Salmons is definitely a veteran player.   He was accommodating while answering questions, but he also gave the most succinct answer to the question possible without expounding much. 

Did you need any surgery or just rehab for the groin?

Rest, just rest, let it heal.  Summer was good.  I was home in Philly working out and hanging with my family.

You feeling good, are you 100% now?

Yeah, feeling good, ready to get back to things.

How long did it take you to get fully healthy?

I rested for about a month until I tested it out.

Got to feel good to be a starter and main guy on a good team.

Yeah, definitely yeah, I'm excited and looking forward to the opportunity.   Coming here last year and being thrown into the mix.  Now I'm comfortable with my surroundings.

Last year with Luol out, you played primarily SF. With Ben Gordon on another team, you'll play mostly SG.  Does that change anything for you?

More defense.  Instead of guarding Paul Pierce I'll be guarding Ray Allen which are two totally different players.

On offense will it be any different going against smaller quicker defenders rather than bigger and slower ones?

That's just part of trying to use what you have to your advantage.  At the two I'll try to use my size.

Would you say you have a signature move?

I would say so.   I call it the T-Mac, I stole it from Tracy McGrady, but it's hard to explain it.  It's a way to get off a jump shot.

I've always considered one of your signature moves the way you'll be open, wait for a guy to jump out at you and set, and then shoot as soon as he relaxes.

I definitely know what you mean.  It's just a read and a feel, sometimes when I shoot like that I can get off a much better shot.

Player option, next year, any thoughts right now on it?

Not worrying about that right now.



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  • I know what his signature move is.

    It's the right to left crossover, fake a left drive with a left step but then pull up immediately without taking the left hand dribble and shooting the jumpshot.

    He does it all the time in games. The one time I watched him working on shooting in practice during the Boston series, instead of catch-and-shoot, he was catching, doing this move slowly b4 each shot.

  • I actually believe it is something different, only because I've been watching T-Mac dating back to his Toronto days, and I noticed Salmons mimick this move last year.

    In my opinion, it's a stutter move with the ball in his left hand. He'll be dribbling with his left and fake like he is about to cross over to the right. The ball will not move though, then when the defender moves right out of natural reaction, enough separation is created and he can get the shot off cleanly. This also often causes the defender to overcompensate when trying to recover and block the shot, leading to a lot of fouls from slaps on the wrist on the way up.

    Instead of a ball fake/head fake/jab steb, it is a body fake. Just the slightest indication you're about to drive and then pull up. It worked much more effectively for McGrady when he used to drive to the basket occasionally. Hopefully Salmons doesn't fall too in love with it and forget he can get around most guys.

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