James Johnson runs into realgmer at Apple store

Someone over at realgm shared a story about running into Johnson recently:

So, I'm at the Apple store at Northbrook Court on sunday evening. I
see James walk in the store and I instinctively say.. "James.." he
looks at me and says, "hey man" and walks on past me. I thought ok,
nice guy. but then.. two minutes later he walks back over to me,
extends his hand and says "hey man, James Johnson..." I proceeded to
introduce myself and my girlfriend. He then brings his girlfriend over
and introduces her. (6'1".. all legs, very cute girl). He asks what
brings me to Apple, I tell him my GF is buying a comp. I return the
question and he tells me he was picking up some head phones... I then
tell him I thought he had a nice summer league and I was really looking
forward to his rookie season. He said thanks and then left us. REALLY
nice guy and it definitely gave me a positive impression. He didn't
have to walk over and talk to me.

Side note: Dude looked trim.

Now that's a nice story.   The fact that he came back to talk after initially leaving the situation is pretty incredible for the modern day athlete.   This isn't to say I blame guys who can't make time for fans during their off time, if I were rich and famous and had to deal with fans everywhere I went I'm sure I'd struggle to deal with it as well.

However, that makes what Johnson did all the more meaningful.   It's a small gesture, but he had already said hi, was polite, and went on with his shopping.   To come back and chat again afterwards goes above and beyond the athlete code IMO. 

It's nice to see a young guy coming into the league not so disconnected from the normal world.

Also good to see that he's looking fit. 

The thread also turns into another great example of the James Johnson facts.


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  • Not to take away from JJ but I have run into a few athletes in stores and they have all been nice. I ran into Eddy Curry a couple of times. Once at best buy when I was getting a computer and once at compusa, it was actually funny seeing him ride off on a scooter. I have run in Robert Parish in dominicks and I actually sold TC a computer when I worked in retail in High School. It was really cool, I even got to deliver it and set it up for him and he gave me a very nice tip. He was trying to set up a mini music studio in his basement. All of them have been nothing but nice, friendly and happy to say hi. Granted this is the northern suburbs and no one else recognized them, not far from where the op saw JJ.

  • Impressive Thought Process

    I'm impressed that he came back 2 minutes later and introduced himself properly.

    Have you ever been at a party or social event, someone uses your first name, and you try to dodge out of the conversation because you can't remember their last name. That's normal for everyone.

    But JJ walked away, thought it over, and came back to introduce himself.

    If you want to try it yourself, the next time someone says hello to you and uses your first name, but you can't remember them, see if you show the same amount of courtesy JJ showed by introducing yourself.

    A classy little vignette on a slimmed down James Johnson. James Johnson has me looking forward to the 2009-2010 season.

  • i have co-worker that said he ran in to ben gordon at an apple store in northbrook last summer.

  • That's cool. I've heard a bit different stories re: Deng...

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