Hoopsworld: Amare trade desination (Bulls 3rd)

Hoopsworld broke down some places Amare could be shipped off to.   The Bulls came in as 3rd on the list with the following proposal.

Chicago Bulls send Tyrus Thomas ($4.7 million for 2009-2010), John Salmons (two years and $11.2 million left on current contract), and Jerome James ($6.6 million expiring contract), -- To Phoenix in exchange for Amar'e Stoudemire, Jared Dudley, and a 2010 second-round pick

They roll through some rationale as to why this could happen.

Here's why it won't.   I don't think the Bulls want to sign Amare long term.  The guy's going to cost 20 million a year, has a messed up eye, and a knee that can go at any moment.   Do you want to lock up Amare for six years starting next year?   If not, do you want to give up anything to get him now?

It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to throw Brad Miller and Tyrus Thomas out there for Amare.   Even if Amare doesn't come back in a year, you probably weren't going to keep Tyrus or Miller anyway, so you're not losing a whole lot.

Still, that's about the most I'm giving up for Amare, and if Phoenix is willing to take that then they're admitting a colossal mistake in not trading him at the deadline.  They'd get no long term benefit out of such a trade unless they think Tyrus is worth signing an extension to in a year which is probably a dicey proposition for them.


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  • Nothing is going to happen with Amare until after the season starts and he has some time to reestablish his game, or not.

    While I could see him being moved in December or January, he probably lasts unitl the trade deadline at least.

    If he looks like his old self, but Phoenix is average they look to move him, if Phoenix is really good, they almost have to keep him.

    If he looks limited by either his eye or his knees then Pheonix is likely stuck with him, unless they do a pure salary dump which he is not due to his huge player option for 2010.

    By the trade deadline, or likely sooner, we should know what we need to know about Thomas, good or bad. Moving Miller would be essentially giving up on the playoffs for this year, but a necessary risk. I wonder if Phoenix would have any interest in Hinrich and/or including Barbosa to the Bulls.

    Any combinatin of Thomas, Miller, Hinrich and James for Amare and Barbosa, maybe we throw in next years #1.

    You almost have to do Miller and Thomas(unless Thomas blows up, in a good way)for Amare. Miller and James would be sweet. However unless Amare opts out and we don't resign him this is our 2010 plan and we have no room to go after Lebron or Wade. We would still have to find a way to move Hinrich and Salmons to go after them.

    If healthy I have always prefered Amare to Bosh. However, even if we trade for Amare I would like to structure a deal that still gives us the flexibility to obtain Lebron or Wade next summer. We are 2 players away from true championship contention, not one.

    I like you am very concerned about giving Amare a max extension. I don't like giving one to Bosh either, but he is 2 years younger and less of an injury risk.

    However, this is not unlike the Pau Gasol situation. Viewed on its own Gasol has an expensive contract, but as the second piece with an A list superstar he looks to be worth the price. Eventually, you have to get one of each, and unless you luck into them in the draft, you have to go out on a limb and take a risk.

    Paying Lebron is not a risk, but putting yourself in a position to do so, knowing that the odds are small is a risk. Amare, Bosh and even Wade are all greater risks than Lebron.

    I am a little surprised that you appear to place a good deal of value on Salmons, essentially saying that he is too valuable to include in the trade, whereas Miller and Thomas are not. I don't necessarliy disagree, but would be hard pressed to call Salmons a deal breaker, especially given his age.

    Again your analysis is reasoned and mostly spot on.

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