Deng "pretty much full speed"

You ever read one of those quotes and wish you were there?   This statement could come off in so many different ways.

Forward Luol Deng hasn't had to take any time off from practice to rest
his right leg. A stress fracture in his shin kept him out for the final
29 games last season.

"It is a little sore, but I've been able to do pretty
much full speed," Deng said Tuesday. "It's not just going to happen
overnight. Talking to the doctors and people who have had this injury
in the past, it will be slow."

I say I wish I heard this quote, because I find many people, myself included, are natural hedgers to what they say.  A "pretty much" really just mean "yes".  I'm hoping that's the case here, but his follow up certainly implies there is some work to be done.

So the good news is that Deng hasn't missed any time with the injury.   The bad news is the leg is still a little sore and clearly isn't 100% yet.   If it was 100% then there wouldn't be a ways to go.  He'd be there already.  That's what 100% means.

I understand the leg might be weak muscularly still, so I suppose there could be muscle soreness, but I would think that would extend to both legs.  I doubt Luol was doing one legged squats to build up his other leg while this one healed, and his physical therapist would be working on balancing out his strength since was able to work the legs anyway.

I've been fortunate to not have any serious injuries, but I know with the minor injuries I've had that I didn't consider myself fully recovered until I felt the same as I did prior to the injury and that doesn't seem to be the case here.  Am I overreacting?  Yes.   Am I concerned at least a little?  Yes. 

I'm very hopeful for Luol whom I feel is primed for a big year if healthy, but he'd be the first one to tell you that his health won't be proven until we see it on the court.  Until that moment where I see him play and look good athletically, I'm going to be nervous.  Hopefully, that feeling of unease is taken away two days from now.


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  • If it were not for bad luck, Deng would not have any luck! Not playing for such a long time against other players would cause anyone to be sore. If they push him too much too soon, they risk losing that would really hurt the Bulls.

    If Deng can't go, would Johnson take his place?

    Scouting Report: Luol Deng (By The Horns) was very surprising and informative! 71 Milliion???????

  • In reply to Alex:

    he'll get hurt. This is his sixth season and he's only played one 82 game season and that was a contract year. Kinda fishy? Yup his own organization sent out a press release for him to get though. He's just not a though dude. Kinda sad that the Bulls would invest so much money in a guy that hasn't even earned it.

  • In reply to Alex:

    I really wish he would come out and say...I'm healed, let's move on! These statements (although honest), are just so frustrating for us fans. Given how long the dude has had to heal, and given how long the season is, it's hard to be optimistic...but I'll try!

  • In reply to scogo1:

    Totally agree Scooby. When I hear reporters ask him how he feels he constantly complains of being soar. It's like dude come on! Shut up and play through the pain like everyone else.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    * sore

  • In reply to Alex:

    hes downplaying his health on purpose and choosing the words you dislike because he doesn't want you to get excited about him because theres a decent chance he could let everyone down with his injuries. He's hopeing he can get back to full strength and suprise us with great stats that everyone has forgotten he can achieve...

  • In reply to Alex:

    I've seen reports that he GAINED weight this offseason when it appeared to me that he needed to LOSE weight last season to get back to slashing more instead of trying to muscle people, which is not his strength.

  • Well I understand it was a fluke but when you look at his body of work it's pretty disappointing. The Bulls put out a press release on him being soft? I mean wtf? I just never understood the Deng love with the Bulls. He's not that quick and his defense is subpar. Not only that he's a 15 foot set shooter. He doesn't even shoot the 3.

  • Doug, would you say it was the injury that made him look a little sluggish? I had assumed it was the weight gain and I had assumed the weight gain was from Bulls management wanting to turn him into a postup threat. Am I way off?

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