Defense #1 priority

Adam Fluck of had a wide sweeping interview with Gar Forman covering a variety of topics.   Definitely worth a full read.  It looks like this will be a twice a week piece.  I like the fact that Gar is committed to being able to answer questions and talk to the press on a regular basis.

"I thought our guys, pretty much across the board, made great progress.
For the most part, all of them were in here for large portions of the
summer. Tyrus [Thomas] and Joakim [Noah] both worked on their skill
level, and they've gotten bigger and stronger. Derrick [Rose] has
worked on shooting, and during the USA trials, it looked like he has
extended his range. He's also getting more confidence. Luol [Deng] has
absolutely lived in [the Berto Center]. He started the summer around
225 pounds and 10 percent body fat; now he's up to 235 with five
percent body fat. He literally lived in the gym. He'd bring his dinner
and eat it in the player's lounge inbetween his afternoon and evening
workouts. The rookies have been here pretty consistently since summer
league. Even veterans like Brad [Miller] and Lindsey [Hunter] have
spent a lot of time in the gym. Kirk [Hinrich] has had the best summer
since he's been with the Bulls. He's in great condition and he's very
motivated to have a good year. John Salmons is another guy who works on
his game, his body and his conditioning all of the time."

Lots of good stuff in this article, but the description of Luol Deng at 235 and 5% body fat is somewhat eyepopping.   Given that he hasn't been able to run for most of the off-season due to the stress fracture recovery I can't envision how he got his body fat down that low.    It makes me wonder if the Bulls are planning on using him at PF more.

Plenty of nuggets about the off-season of all the other players as well, perhaps my favorite is the description of Noah's off-season a year ago vs his off-season this year which explains a great deal as to why we can hope for a much better start to the season.

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