Chicago Bulls media day interview links

Bulls interview links and photo gallery from media day.

Audio -- Bulls forward Luol Deng on coming back from injury (09.25.09):

Audio -- Bulls guard Derrick Rose looks forward to the season (09.25.09):

Audio -- Head Coach Vinny Del Negro on his team as camp opens (09.25.09):

Audio -- GM Gar Forman talks about the Bulls roster and offseason (09.25.09):

I really like Luol's attitude in his interview.   Deng comments that he can say whatever he wants, but he knows he needs to prove it on the court.

He knows his injuries hurt the team the past couple of years, and he's worked really hard to make it back.

It's so easy to forget how hard Luol works and what a good guy he is.  Shortly after Hinrich's injury last season, Bulls fans entirely bailed on the guy, but when he came back he had a huge positive impact on the team.   Deng can easily do the same.   It's so easy to sour on someone who's not playing even if it's unfairly.

Luol also told me in a separate interview that he primarily got into shape swimming when I asked how someone drops down to 5% body fat without running.  He just strikes me as a guy who's going to do whatever it takes to try and get in shape and stay healthy. 

The Forman interview spends time more or less complimenting everyone.  One interesting thing Gar mentions in the interview is that Pargo signed here for less money and years than he was offered elsewhere.   I wonder if that's a US or a European team that offered more (his deal last year in Europe was worth more than his deal this year in the US but he had trouble collecting).

Gar also stresses defense as did virtually every player you stopped to talk to on media day.

One final interesting note from the end of the Forman audio is that he mentions Noah has been shooting 15-17 footers fairly consistently in practice.   That doesn't surprise me too much given that he's a decent free throw shooter, but it will be interesting to see if that makes it into the games when they count.

Haven't gotten to listen to the Rose/VDN links yet.


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