Bulls predictions; bookmark this and laugh in April

I typically am not a big prediction guy.  There are too many moving parts, too many variables that you can't account for.  There's a reason why people don't accurately predict what happens in sports.  If they did, then they'd go to vegas and strike it rich.   That being said, it's always fun to state what you expect and see how stupid you look in a year.  So here are my top 10 predictions, read them and wager against them.

#10: Vinny Del Negro gets scapegoated for everything bad that happens and gets no credit for anything good that happens.   I figured it's fair to play it safe on at least one prediction.

#9: Though he struggles to find minutes, Jannero Pargo has at least two or three moments that remind us of how he single handedly won games for the Bulls in the past by coming in and chucking up shots like they were live hand grenades.

#8: There's at least one extended period in the season where Taj Gibson steals significant playing time from Tyrus Thomas with his scrappiness and hustle, despite his obvious limitations.  This creates a huge controversy in the fan base as Gibson's contributions won't show up in the box score as much as Tyrus's do.

#7: James Johnson struggles to find significant playing time unless someone gets hurt.   When he does, he shows immense talent on the floor with dazzling moves making fans think the coaching staff is crazy for not playing him.  However, his great individual moments come outside of the offensive structure, and the coaching staff struggles to fit his perimeter oriented ball dominant style into the PF position in their offensive scheme.

#6: Joakim Noah starts the season a little slow, but by the end of the season, fans view him as a top 15 center in the NBA, possibly a top 10. 

#5: Tyrus Thomas will continue his trend of becoming more and more perimeter oriented, but his jumper will improve enough that Bulls fans will start warming to the idea of keeping him as a backup plan if they strike out in 2010.   Tyrus still leaves at the trade deadline or in the off-season.

#4: John Salmons puts up a respectable season, but shows a decline from last year.  Fans find out that having a tall SG doesn't improve the defense any as Hinrich continues to sub in for Salmons in defensive situations.

#3: Kirk Hinrich delivers another solid season for the team.  He shoots over 40% from the three point line and plays excellent defense, the two primary things the Bulls need in a SG next to Rose.   Despite the fact that he provides the two most critical skills necessary to play with Rose, his detractors will still complain that he's a terrible fit at shooting guard.

#2: Luol Deng starts the season on fire immediately squashing doubts by fans.  His range is improved, and he starts shooting threes with regularlity.

#1: Derrick Rose shows steady improvements and becomes the first Bulls all-star since Michael Jordan.  His improvement makes up for the loss of Ben Gordon in the standings, causing great debate in whether losing Gordon hurt the team or not.


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  • "#2: Luol Deng starts the season on fire immediately squashing doubts by fans. His range is improved, and he starts shooting threes with regularlity."

    Ahem... Might I add, "Misses the last ten games and the playoffs due to injury. In turn, the Bulls go down in the first round yet again."

    Actually, is he even going to be 100% at the start of the season? I don't know about that.

  • Doug not going on a limb much...

  • #10 So are you hinting at he might get fired?

    #6 Isn't Noah already top 15? I'd consider him about average to slightly above average at this point for a C.

    #2 For how long? He looked good in Jan, just didn't carry it further.

    #1 I think you are right. I think Rose could really make a big step this year. I don't know if he will make it but he will definitely be in consideration.

    A couple of my predictions.

    #2 The bulls win a max of 40 games and lose at least 8 games by 10pts or less.

    #1 Kirk Hinrich and John Salmons will start at least 30 games each due to inconsistent starting lineups and Deng missing at least 20 games.

  • Good stuff. Do you think we make the playoffs? If so what seed?

  • "#2: Luol Deng starts the season on fire immediately squashing doubts by fans. His range is improved, and he starts shooting threes with regularlity."

    Based on what? I disagree and wonder why you predicted this....based on info or pulled out of thin air?

  • I pretty much agree with everything except couple of minor things.

    1 - I just don't see Deng on fire to start the season. He has missed a lot of games last couple of years and he still will need to figure out playing in Vinny's system and with D-Rose. Also BG is gone and he will be playing next to Salmons as well.

    2 - I don't think Salmons will regress, I think he will have a nice good non-allstar year.

    3 - I think Noah is already a top 15 player, I am hoping he becomes top 10 player this year atleast.

    4 - Tyrus is Tyrus, I don't think we are keeping him.

    5 - Rose IMO, will make that superstar leap this year and yes, he will become the all-star player since MJ.

    6 - I think Bulls will surprise a lot of people and win 45 games.

  • Also, let me add my own BOLD prediction:

    Rose will make atleast few buzzer beater/winning shots and will make a big time name as a clutch player/finisher.

  • Do you think the portion of the fanbase that hated Kirk because of the Ben Gordon situation will ever warm back up to him? Because that seems to be a large portion of his detractors.

    I hope you're right with most of these, but is there any indication that Luol has improved his 3 point shot?

  • My prediction is that the Bulls have more questions than answers going into the season. By the end of it we need solid answers to most of these.

    1. Rose, will he blossom as in his second season, or will he suffer the sophomore slump.

    2. Salmons, is he a 2 or a 3, will he be better or worse than Gordon.

    3. Noah, will he be the Noah of the playoffs, or the Noah of the first half of the regular season.

    4. Deng, will he stay healthy, if so can he return to his form from the 06-07 season especially the playoffs.

    5. Tyrus, has he visited the wizard of oz durig the offseason to find his heart and a brain. Will he ever get "it".

    6. Brad Miller, can he continue to contribute, or will his age catch up with him.

    7. Hinrich, can the Bulls afford to pay him to be a bench player, even if he ultimately plays 30+ minutes. Will he be a Bull all season.

    8. Pargo, Can he make those of you who care, forget Gordon.

    9. Johnson and Gibson, will they be able to contribute enough right away so that the Bulls don't have to play a 7-8 man rotation all season.

  • I agree that Deng will look to start the season off strong to quiet all doubters.

    However, I don't see him becoming a legitmate 3 point threat.

    His return to full health will almost single handedly make us forget the loss of Gordon.

  • The Good:
    Rose, Salmons, Miller are depedable players and Rose may get much better.

    The Maybe's or is it Wanna-be's:
    Deng and Thomas may overcome their afflications and may turn the corner and contribute. These two guys have great potential, every one is waiting and hoping. The rookies Johnson and Gibson could help solidify the forward positions! This group could keep the Bulls from being a terrible team with another lottery pick.

    The Bad:
    Hinrich is a grossly over paid back up. He can no longer dump the ball off to Gordon with 3-5 seconds on the clock after wasting the whole possession dribbling in circles because he can't beat anyone to the rim. He is a career streak shooter and his assissts minus his turnover average is 2.2 per game. He belongs on the bench in Milwaukee but even Skiles doesn't want his old pet.

    The Ugly or is it just the Lazy:
    Noah as a starting center is a joke. The Bulls were out scored 46-18 in the paint in the last play off game. The celts scored at will while shoving the Florida fairy out of the way. Noah scored two (2) points from the floor. Joakim is weak, winded and lazy, he was on vacation during the first half of last season. Is he strong enough to play the whole year? He belongs on the bench in NYC, then he and Curry can scream as a duet!

    The Rest: Not worth a comment!

    The Lame: Clueless Paxson.

    The Hopeful: Vinnie the traineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Go Vinnie Boom-Batz!!!!!!!!!

  • Well I won't pretend to be as smart as the rest of the guys commenting or make up any words like afflications (I can just hear Jackie Chiles saying that on Seinfeld, pretty funny if it was meant to be funny, more funny since it was not) or call a professional athlete lazy whilst I sit in my office chair (or is it from behind the fast food counter). Fries anyone?

    I'll just say Go Bulls...cant wait to see the team move forward with this Gordon scenario over. Good luck Detroit, thanks for wasting your money.

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