Bulls Beat #130 - Media day

I describe my experiences through media day, a Bulls practice and some
thoughts on the team this season. Thanks to James Johnson for the new

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  • I don't know where to put my thought on this show, so I will just leave it here.

    For Vinny Del Negro, I listened one of his interviews brought by a few months ago. In that interview, he just didn't answer any questions, except giving general answers which could apply on almost all the teams in the NBA. After that, I decide that I'm done listening whatever he said. I remember you said in one of the Podcast during the 2009 playoff series that the Vinny, as well as other coaching staff, usually just defends whatever they did when they face to press. However, they might correct or do some change after that. At this point, if that is still a fact, then I will just pay attention to what he can give us on the court.

    Talking about defense, I think its interesting to see how our defense system works in this season. Whether they are trying to improve or just leave it that way. Our defense is bad last season, especially on pick and roll part. Hopefully the coaching staff at least do something on that.

    Overall, its a good show to listen, thanks for the funny comments on the practice section (the second media day only 24 hours away from the prior one). I agree with you, this is a very interesting season to watch, due to lots of reasons.

  • Doug, thanks for another great podcast! You totally make my lunch hour!

    I was a little bummed to hear VDN's answers about defense.

    Any color on how the whole asst coach situation is setting up? We got Randy and Sidney now...and guy with more defined roles (was it Bernie on defense?).

  • thanks for the awsum podcast...i loved how u went and did what the mainstream sports media didn't, which is wat i was most intrested in. wish i had ur job btw :)

  • im feeling good bout this season =)

  • thats actually a really good point...i would hate it if you didn't sound intrested on your podcasts after a huge bulls victory. I have like OCD with the bulls (jk obviously though) i wear my 2 deng shirts and my rose shirt and my longsleeved bulls every other day to school....

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