Book Review: Second Coming by Sam Smith

Sam's most remembered for the incredible book "the Jordan Rules", but he wrote a second book detailing Jordan's comeback from baseball into basketball.   After reading it, you get the feeling he really wished he had waited another year or two to write it.
The book only covers the 94/95 season in which the Bulls were defeated by the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.   The book casts a negative note on Jordan's abilities throughout with players discussing how much older he looks and how much less effective he is.

This isn't to say his opinions were unreasonable or unsupported.  In fact, they were commonly held, and the Bulls three titles coming up truly capture how great Jordan internal will was to get back on top of the basketball world.  By any standard, he SHOULD have not been able to come back so strong afterwards.

Much like the Jordan Rules, the book is filled with great detail about the relationships of the various players on the Bulls team.  I would have preferred even more commentary along those lines with a bit less commentary focused around Jordan.   An unreasonable request in an era where Jordan was the biggest headliner in the world, and his comeback perhaps the biggest story of the year.

I wouldn't view this book as a "must read" for a Bulls fan, but it does give a great perspective on one of the most interesting stories from the unique point of not knowing the ultimate outcome later.   It sheds light on what the basketball world thought of Jordan at the time, something easily forgotten which only magnifies what he was able to do later. 

The best Bulls book I've read is the Jordan Rules.   Despite it's timing being somewhat of a negative, Second Coming is still the second best book on the Bulls I've read.

Overall: 7/10 (though probably not for non-Bulls fans)

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