Book Review: Bull Run

Bull Run by Roland Lazenby was an accidental pick up merely because the library didn't have Lazenby's "Blood on the Horns".   Bull run covers the Bulls 72 win season while the Blood on the Horns covers the final championship.  This one was a bit different than a typical book I've read as the artwork portrayed in it played a prominent factor.
The book is a large hard cover addition with huge color photos throughout.  The photos really bring back some memories, and helped to tell the story.   Unfortunately, after reading the Jordan Rules, Second Coming, Sacred Hoops, or other Bulls books, this one didn't fill the void I was hoping for.

It's a coffee table book, and I wasn't expecting a coffee table book when I checked it out, so my expectations didn't match up to reality leaving me initially disappointed trying to fit it into a niche that didn't belong.

The beginning chapters were largely dedicated to giving the reader background information on all of the major players in the organization.   The chapter on Jerry Krause's background was probably the most enjoyable to me, just because I hadn't know that much about him previously while the chapters on the rest of the players are common knowledge to most Bulls fans.

After introducing the characters, the book takes you step by step through the season, and then has a chapter on each playoff series.   The book reads quickly and is certainly set up for visual appeal and delivering nostalgia more so than an insider look into the greatest season in the history of basketball.  

If you're a Bulls fan looking for a coffee table book this might be just the thing.   There's no better year to remember quite honestly, and the photos will take you back and fill you with positive memories.  If you're looking for the inside scoop on the season, this book doesn't offer a whole lot more than what you probably already know.

Also, I'd like to make a quick public apology to Roland, who contacted me below about my original review commenting how unfair it was.  In retrospect, I certainly agree (hence the changes).  So again, sorry Roland, I shouldn't have treated your work unfairly by sticking it into a niche it didn't belong.  I look forward to Blood on the Horns.

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