Ben Gordon making a documentary?

Hoopsworld had some notes about Gordon with a bunch of the same quotes that Gordon will likely give every time he's asked about the bulls for the next year.  It's a business, the Bulls weren't interested, he understands, etc..   However, it did have one very interesting note.  Ben Gordon is finishing up a documentary.

So as Gordon prepares for his first season in Detroit, he'll be
wrapping up a documentary that he started last year, something Gordon
says has been pretty fun so far.

"It was one of my good friends that I grew up with. He came up with
that idea, that we did a documentary," said Gordon. "Especially this
past season, it was such a big year for me that you kind of wanted to
capture that and show what it's like for a player going into a contract
year and then making the transition to a new team. I think is going
pretty good so far."

Personally, I'd love to see that documentary if Gordon isn't being politically correct throughout it, but showing his true feelings.   I don't know that he'll be that way, nor can I see such a documentary really getting picked up for TV anywhere.

The problem is the documentary will largely cover his time with the Bulls, a team he's no longer on.  Pistons fans may not care for a documentary about Gordon's time on the Bulls while Bulls fans may not care for anything related to Gordon anymore.

Still, I hope it makes it to some media where I can see it.


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  • I'd love to see that documentary if it isn't a pc fluff piece. I really think training camp and the begining of the year would be interesting times in it. He really didn't look happy then.

    Also, I know this has been beat to death on fourms but this was my favorite quote out of the article. I think it really needs to come out.

    "After being there for five years, I had a great understanding of how the organization operates. I had a better understanding from the inside, that people on the outside don't see, of how things work," explained Gordon. "And at the end of the day, it's a business. Everybody in that position is going to make the decision that they feel is the best business decision."

  • I don't have a ton of information on this documentary, but I know Jillian Jesk and Mouthpiece Sports were involved in the making of it.

    There was a little clip that I posted from NBA TV, where Gordon talked about how he wanted to go to Duke, but he played horribly when Coach K came to watch him in high school. That clip looked like it could have been from the Gordon documentary, but it might have been taken from the documentary Seven Square Miles of Glory, which also somewhat featured Gordon.

  • Yeah, I agree, it was just obvious he was pissed during training camp, sitting out and look out disinterested. I also forgot what he said but it was pc with a bit of a bite. It doesn't matter now, it would just be interesting, BG was my favorite player till Rose came along.

  • The dichotomy of Gordon's personality is that he has always seemed like he has a massive ego, and such a low key personality as to be nearly braindead at the same time.

    So while I do think that he was bitter last year, I really don't think that it bothers him one bit to have left the Bulls. Even though he was a Bull for 5 years, I never felt that he had any emotional connection with the team, the fans, or the city.

    For him it really is a business and he has only cared about getting his minutes, his points, and most importantly, his money.

    He went to Detroit because they were the only one opening up their checkbook, his public justifications notwithstanding. He won't get any closer to winning in Detroit than he did in Chicago.

    I never cared for him as an interview, he said nothing and said it without any passion whatsoever. I am would not expect anything of value to come out of his documentary.

  • That would be an interesting film. Ben always seems so composed out on the court, you wonder if the documentary would show some of the rough edges too.

    I like basketball players though. Between stuff like Ben's doing, and guys like Baron Davis, Elton Brand, and Tracy McGrady, there is a creative side to a lot of these players that I haven't seen with NFL or MLB players. Starbury would be the horrific downside to that trend, but it's usually pretty cool when you get some access.

  • So I recently came across across this post about the BG Doc. I am producing and dircting it and would like to reach out to whomever is running this site.

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